Thursday, August 21, 2014

a little spook, and a little gold...

Hello my wonderful friends!

It's time for another Unity hop!
(and sale!)

I'm kinda sneaking in here… This isn't my usual week to hop with the team, but I couldn't help myself when I saw this new kit…

To be honest, I was supposed to be working on Christmas cards… cuz I've got 50+ to make, but I couldn't get in the mood. Halloween was just too distracting. :)

I also have been doing some playing with this month's LOL

I was having fun with a couple different techniques here…
I started by stamping the woodgrain from "Let Love Grow" in white acrylic paint. I then sponged on a few different brown Distress Inks. The paint will resist the color.. FABULOUS!  Another great thing Distress inks do, is react to water.. so I put down a stencil  and spritzed some water over it… And the watermark rings are born! (I love how simple and understated it is, yet in the overall design, it adds that little extra something.)

Now, to make a heart that shines… literally.

Step 1: Rub background with an anti-static powder. This will insure no powder sticks where it doesn't belong.

Step 2: Ink up the stamp with Distress Ink. (If you want to use a different brand of dye ink, you need to FIRST ink with VersaMark, then the ink over top. It won't hurt your ink pad, but it will allow the image to stay wet long enough to work with.

Step 3: Brush some Perfect Pearl (Ranger) over the image. Then use your brush to tap the powder onto the image (this makes sure the little particles are nice and stuck on the ink. 

Step 4: (sorry, no photo of this…) Use your brush to whisk off all the extra powder. Than set the Perfect Pearls with a tiny bit of water…to do this,  Mist the water into the air than wave your paper through the mist (like you would with perfume). It doesn't take much moisture to set the resins, and you don't want to get too much water, or your Distress Inks will start bleeding and moving.

Now you have this cool two toned image… from one angle you have dark ink..

 …but if you tilt it, it turns to gold! AWESOME!

I used Black Soot Distress ink, and Perfect Gold Perfect Pearls.. try mixing and matching different colors for awesome effects!

The flowers were stapes with archival ink, with a little Distress Marker coloring over top… I love how those gold letters look!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

berry variegated...

Hello my wonderful friends!

It's time for another Unity hop!
(and sale!)

Yeah… and those new Phillis Harris stamps? *SQUEEL!* I keep seeing her post her work on FB, and I secretly think… "I sure HOPE that one becomes a stamp too!" LOL!

If you are arriving here from Kary's blog you are right on track... if not, go ahead and start at the beginning by clicking HERE.. You don't want to miss any of the fabulous inspiration (or chances to win!)

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is pick berries. They grow like weeds around here… ok, so the wild berries ARE weeds around here!  But the funny thing about weeds, is they are only really weeds if you don't want them. I happen to LOVE the wild blackberries!  I pick them by the bucketful and take them to my mom's house where they are turned into jams, syrups, and leathers. YUM!

The berries on this card are from Botanical Bliss, and the sentiment is from Single Flower Miracle. I stamped the strawberries in Antique Linen Distress ink, then used Distress Markers and a water pen to color it. The light Linen Distress ink blends in and almost disappears when water and other colors are added.. this gives the impression that I am a TON more artistic than I really am… HA!  To help ad some definition back in, I used the fine tip of the Distress Markers to trace back in some detail after it had dried. 

This week I had to get a baby card done for my step-cousin (who is due ANY DAY!).  I decided to use the brand new CHALLENGE as a jumping off point. One thing I love about the Unity challenges, is that besides using Unity stamps, there really isn't much restriction to worry about… So I modified the card sketch to fit what I wanted. And it works.  

I used Hello Little One for the sentiment, and this month's KOM Summer Collapsed into Fall for the butterfly. The strips of paper are gelli prints. (I'm kinda, really loving my new 5x7 gelli plate!)

Please join us with our challenge! It's tons of fun, with a GREAT prize, and, we LOVE seeing the work you share with us! Get all the details HERE.

And, of course, I have a little tutorial for you… just cuz you are AWESOME!

Like I said, I LOVE my gelli plate, so I thought I would share a fun way to use it with your stamps...
(If you don't know what a gelli plate is, check it out HERE.)

I like to call this  Variegated Stamping because you get random splotches of different colors, and no two impressions are the same. Super fun and random.

Step 1: Dot on a couple (or so) coordinating colors of acrylic paint onto your gelli plate. Keep in mind that the colors WILL mix… some colors mix beautifully, some make a muddy mess. 

Step 2: Brayer the paint around to cover the plate… don't try to over mix the colors. Let them make their own patterns instead of one smooth color.

Step 3: Press a stamp onto the gelli plate. No need to tap it multiple times like you do an ink pad, just press it onto the  paint, and lift.

Step 4: Stamp onto your paper. You will see the variegated colors randomly across your image.

Step 4 modified: For my project, I wanted a little something special for the butterfly… so I stamped it onto acetate.  Acrylic paint works great on acetate!

Make sure to wash your stamp of well before the paint dries for happy stamps!

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Friday, August 8, 2014


Hello my wonderful friends, and happy Friday!

For those of you who follow the Unity blog (and if you don't, you should!), you saw a canvas tutorial I posted on Wednesday... 

I had so much fun with it, I decided to do another canvas with a totally different look....

This time, I took pictures as I went instead of trying to recreate... SO much easier! LOL!

Step 1: randomly stamp background and images onto white tissue paper with a waterproof ink like Archival Ink.

Step 2: tear up the tissue paper and use mod podge to randomly glue on canvas.

Step 3: mod podge on some random strips of lace.

Step 4: mod podge on some die cut book paper.

Step 5: cover the entire thing with a thin layer of gesso.

Step 6: spray on some colors, focusing around the edges. tip the canvas to allow drips.

Step 7: use random lids, cups, etc dipped in black acrylic paint and "stamp" circles.

Step 8: paint in the circles with some gesso (that will hide the background color)

Step 9: paint in the circles... I used watercolors

Step 10: stamp large word onto tissue paper with waterproof ink. (this allows for a good impression despite the texture)

Step 11: mod podge the word on... the magic of tissue paper is it becomes translucent and practically disappears with the glue.

Step 12: smear some Rock Candy Crackle Paint to the corners and edges. allow to dry... this may take time, but let it do it's thing without a heat gun.

Step 13: finish off with a little ink around the edges to highlight the cracks


Thursday, July 31, 2014

pulling out the wrinkles....

Hello my wonderful friends!

It's time for another Unity hop!
(and sale!)

30,000+ FB friends? CRAZY awesome! Love you guys!

If you are arriving here from Kary's blog you are right on track... if not, go ahead and start at the beginning by clicking HERE.. You don't want to miss any of the fabulous inspiration (or chances to win!)

So, I kinda love the sunny girl! (maybe it's the shoes... I really want those shoes... in lots of colors! HA!)
You can find her HERE. BTW... it's totally the last day of July (how'd that happen?) So it's kinda your last day to sign up for the KOM and get her! Click HERE to fast track you right where you need to be to sign up.

The sentiment "Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself" comes from Botanical Bliss (April 2014 KOM). I really love that saying... I spend so much energy being strong for others, sometimes I forget what it means to be strong for myself.

 Did you know that if you are a member of the KOM, you can purchase PAST KOM and SMAK kits for only $20 plus shipping. (totally beats $45 plus shipping!) Just sayin' 

This witchy woman is Esmerelda Girl and is pretty fabulous!  The saying is from today's brand new release "Frightful Sentiments"

Like that purple and black background?  Wanna know how it's done?

It's actually a bit of a twofer..

See, you get two different backgrounds in one technique. Check it out...
(Pumpkin Greetings)

For this technique, you only need a couple things... a Gelli Plate, brayer, acrylic paint, card stock, and tissue paper.

Step 1: Roll a thin layer of acrylic paint over your gelli plate.

Step 2: Scrunch up a large piece of tissue paper. flatten it out somewhat and press onto your painted plate making sure to leave in the wrinkles (this is what gives it texture!)

Step 3: Carefully pull up the tissue paper.  It will be the color of your paint with white wrinkles. (this is what made up the background of the pumpkin card.

Step 4: Before the paint dries, press a piece of card stock over it and rub firmly. Pull that and you get what made up the background for the witch. Your wrinkle/crackles will be the color of your paint with the rest of it being the color of your card stock (I used a white card stock that had a layer of purple paint on it.... however, you can add color over the paint using inks or watercolors after it is dry.)

*Please forgive the fact that my tutorial is in orange paint, and neither of my samples actually used the tissue or card stock from it... No, it will not magically change colors. It was kinda late, and I didn't take pictures of the black or blue pulls... but you get the idea.

Don't forget---
 Leave a comment on EACH blog in the hop (including the Unity blog) for your chance to win.  The winners will be announced Saturday night on the Unity blog.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

in distress...

Hello my wonderful friends!

If you are looking for the Unity hop post... go ahead and click HERE, or just scroll down. 

Speaking of the hop, I had some questions in the comments asking about how I did this card.

 This is actually kind of a fun technique... ready to get a little messy?

Step 1: add a couple drops of Distress Reinker to some white gesso or acrylic paint.
(for my original card, I used Salty Ocean, for this sample, I grabbed Chipped Sapphire)

Step 2: Completely cover a piece of kraft card stock with 1-2 layers of your tinted paint... allow to dry between layers (or if you are impatient like me, dry it with a heat gun!)

Step 3: Run your dry piece through an embossing machine using desired embossing folder.

Step 4: Gently sand off the paint from the embossed areas. I like using a sanding grip for this, but regular sand paper works fine.

Step 5: Now comes the magic of Distress Ink!  Flick water onto your piece... The ink will react and do some fabulous things. And, because you have some exposed kraft paper (where you sanded off the embossed areas) you'll get some deeper colors in those areas. Super fun way to get a distressed look!

Step 6:  If you want a tattered edge, use a paper distresser, or the edge of your scissors to  scuff up the edges. 
(For my project, I also ran did a regular stitch along all the edges with my sewing machine.)

Step 7: If you want to go a step farther.... try using a marker spritzer to splatter light droplets of ink.. I'm using a sharpie for a permanent black! 

It's super faint, but you can see the light speckles. I love the added touch this gives!  

Now you are ready to dress it up with your favorite stamps!

*As a side note... For this to work, you do have to mix Distress Reinker with white gesso or acrylic paint. Using Distress Paint, while it will give you the color, it is specially formulated to NOT react to water once dry.*

Hope that helps all those who were asking! I love it when I get questions! It gives me ideas on what to share! Thanks for commenting!