Thursday, December 23, 2010

simple thank you...

This may seem slightly out of season, but for one of my sisters, I have been making a collection of "thank you" cards for her Christmas present... (don't worry, she won't see it here... she doesn't do the whole blog thing). Lately, she has been stopping by my house and asking if she can take a few cards... I was beginning to run low on the simple "thank you" cards she likes, so I decided to make  a bunch just for her.

Anyway, I thought I would share one today.

 Paper: white cardstock
Stamps: Fancy Pants "Doodles and Things", Glitz "Distressing"
Ink: Distress ink (Vintage Photo, Victorian Velvet, Spun Sugar, Aged Mahogany), Colorbox ink (Chestnut pigment, White Frost pigment)
Other: clear embossing powder, buttons

I started out by lightly stamping the background. I didn't want it to be loud or distracting, but rather to give a soft illusion of depth.

I then stamped the flowers with Frost White pigment ink.  Because of their slow drying time, pigment inks can be used for heat embossing. So, after I stamped the flowers, I covered them with clear embossing powder, and hit it with the heat gun.  I then applied multiple distress ink colors with my ink blending tool. The embossing powder acts as a resist, so the flowers stay nice and white.

*notice all the little speckles around the flowers? That happens when you don't rub an anti-static powder over your paper before stamping & embossing.  I currently don't know where my powder is besides "in a box", so I had to do without. I don' mind the look though. I think it gives it a softer aged look. But that is my personal opinion. =)*

 I then finished it off by stamping my letters, and adding a few coordinating buttons. Simple, yet charming. Just the way she likes them. 

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cards for the class...

Is everyone ready for the holidays? I'm not... anyone want to guess what I've been doing today?

Well, I may not be done with all my gifts, but I did get my gifts ready in time for my little Primary class... I teach the 3-4 yr olds, and they are a cute handful!

Anyway, this is the card they got, along with some candy.

Paper: Bazzill, DCWV, white cardstock
Ink: Distress ink, Powder Puff ink
Creative Inspirations paint: Rustic Red
Die Cuts: My Scrap Chick

 My new Cricut Expression got quite the workout!  I haven't done this much cutting since I got this new one to replace my dead one... I made 12 cards plus an entire nativity for the lesson...

The die cuts for the cards are all cut from my favorite cheap white cardstock. I then used distress inks to color them, and some Powder Puff ink to add definition to the edges. The hearts were painted with CI paint to give them a little something extra. It was then just a matter of gluing them all together... It sounds like a lot of work, but I just sat in front of the tv and did it assembly line style, and it went a lot quicker than I had thought it would.

Now, I don't know if all the kids liked them, as I handed them out as the kids were walking out the door... However, I did see one little girl running around showing the card and saying "I got baby Jesus!" It was precious!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

oh fudge!

Have you ever had "one of those days"?  Well, I've been having one of those WEEKS... I picked up a cold from somewhere, and between sinus headaches, tension headaches, migraines, and my stupid "head-against-metal-chair-ache",  trying to get ready for the holidays, and preparing a lesson that I had to teach Sunday... Yeah... things like my blog kinda got put on the back burner.

But I'm feeling better, and I have a challenge project to share!

This week's challenge over at Creative Inspirations Paint blog is "Inspired by: Holiday Cooking" 

Every year for as long as I can remember, my dad has made Christmas Fudge.  All us kids would help dump in chocolate chips, scoop in marshmallow cream, brake up chocolate bars, and of course, like the bowl clean after. =)
As this is such a holiday tradition, I found it natural to choose this recipe for my inspiration. 
Paper: Bazzill, white cardstock
Stamps: Inkadinkado "Beauty Stems From Here"
Ink: Colorbox Chalk, Memento, VersaMark, Distress, Alcohol ink
Creative Inspirations Paint: Chocolate, Fairydust
Other: embossing powder, ribbon, pearls, glossy accents

The brown is for the chocolate, and the cream is for the marshmallow... I also used chalk inks, for their smooth creamy texture. LOL!
 I colored the ribbon with Distress ink, then gave it a nice coat of Fairydust CI paint to add some festive shimmer.

Notice the creamy texture of the chalk inks! Yum!
Also, because of the opaque nature of chalk inks, they work well on both light and dark paper.  Fun stuff!

So, there is my fudge inspired project... Makes me want to go eat some.. no, MUST wait til Christmas, MUST wait til Christmas.... Must wait... must... umm.... Gotta go!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the business of beeswax...

Why is it that all the good LSS go out of business?  I found out last night, that the last LSS that I like that is anywhere near me is closing it's doors.  I went there last night to find beeswax for a project I'm working on. I knew they would have it... Stores like that carry the odd things the chain stores don't. When I got to the parking lot, I saw the big "store closing sale" sign, and my heart sagged. They did have the beeswax I needed, and some great deals on their stuff, but it is hard to get excited about a sale that is so sad. 

Then today, I was on a quest to find more beeswax (as I needed more than the LSS had left). I first checked online to see who *might* have it. I was surprised that most stores I looked at said they don't carry it. I decide to check the actual stores (as I know some of their websites aren't the best indication of what they carry). I checked in the paper craft areas, and I *tried* to check in the candle and soap making areas as that would be a logical place to sell beeswax. I guess candle making has gone out of style here cuz half the stores don't carry the supplies anymore. After trying Joanns, Michaels, and Roberts, I was running out of options within reasonable driving distance, but I didn't want to order online as this was for Christmas presents... yeah, late start, but that is another story.  I finally found some at Hobby Lobby, so I'm a happy camper. I just wish all the LSS were doing well enough to stay around. They carry thing that are very hard to find other places.

Ok, enough of my yakking... Here is a project I was going to post a while ago, but blogger didn't want to load the pictures until today. Go fig.

 Paper: Coredinations,  watercolor paper, white cardstock
Ink: Archival, Distress, Mark-it, Inksenssials Opaque white
Stamps: Great Impressions "Christmas Town"
Creative Inspirations paint: Fairy Dust

I stamped the image with Archival ink onto watercolor paper. I then used Distress inks to watercolor the image in.  I added shadowing to the snow using "Pumice Stone" Distress ink, then covered it with CI "Fairy Dust". I could have used the "Winter Frost" which is a white color, but I wanted to make sure my shadows showed up, and since they were fairly light, I went with the clear "Fairy Dust".

I went around the edges with some brown Distress ink to give it a bit more of a vintage feel, I then doodled in some stitch lines with a Mark-it fine tip. I love those markers!

I'll be sharing some beeswax projects soon, along with some other projects I have been working on but haven't had time to photograph yet...This month is becoming increasingly crazy! 

Ok.. gotta take care of myself now, so I can kick this stupid cold. I hate being sick! Yuck!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

umbrellas and birds...

You know the expression "When it rains, it pours"?   Well, I'm kinda wishing I could find an umbrella right about now. To say this has been a stressful, crazy, and roller coaster of a week would be a good start. LOL! 

 I had good intention to blog more this week.  I have had photos in a folder just waiting to be blogged.  I was going to try to be so good... Sigh. 

Life happens, and we do what we can and move on. So, I will share a few cards I've had in my "blog" folder and maybe next week will be a little calmer. 

 Paper: white cardstock
Stamps: Prima "Music", Heartfelt Creations
Ink: Archival, Distress, VersaMark, Mark-it
Creative Inspirations paint: Rustic Red
Other: ribbon, Perfect Pearls, embossing powder

this one is all about layering the inks. No fancy papers or embellies... The background was stamped, then I used distress ink to fill in the color, building up darker layers towards the edges. I heat embossed the image, and added a touch of CI paint to the bird for that extra little shimmer and pop of color. 

 Paper: white cardstock, tissue paper
Stamps: Prima "Music", Sassafrass "Collage Trim", Kaisercraft "Grid", Great Impressions "Dove of Peace"
Ink" Archival, Distress
Other: ribbon, rhinesotne

This one was also a lot of ink layering. However, the red borders were stamped onto tissue paper and cut out. I then carefully glued them on. they are semi-transparent once glued on, giving it a nice collage-y feel.

Paper: white cardstock
Stamps: Heartfelt Creations
Ink: Versmark, Distress, Mark-it
Creative Inspirations Paint: Winter Frost
Other: embossing powder

This one was stamped and heat embossed. I then began coloring the image in with various shades of Distress ink. I dabbed on "snow" with CI's Winter Frost on the pinecone (thought you can't tell from this picture, it has a great frosty shimmer IRL). The background was really a mistake that I made work for me. I was trying to do something with the paper, but it was too wet from all the ink, so it started to pill. It wasn't in a place that I could easily hide with a ribbon or other embellishment. I was about ready to toss it, and start again, when I decided I would try purposely pilling the paper in random areas to distress it. (by pilling I mean rubbing off the top layer or so of the paper. This is easy to do with regular cardstock that is wet.) I then added a little more Distress ink over it so it wasn't so stark. It gave it an interesting texture and look, and I ended up being glad that I didn't trash this one. You never know what great things you can come up  with when you make a "mistake"... or perhaps the better word would be "happy accident".


Monday, December 6, 2010

the seaweed is always greener...

Well, this isn't the project I was planning on posting, but for some reason beyond my comprehension, Blogger isn't wanting to upload the photos of the project I wanted to share today. I'll have to try again tomorrow. Maybe it will like those pictures then. 

This is a project that I actually did a little while ago when I ran into a creative block doing Christmas cards.  It ended up being really fun, and kinda got me addicted to making color sprays using Tsukineko All Purpose inks (API).  There are a couple or reasons I really like using these inks for sprays...

1) The color is great! It doesn't take much ink to get a very vibrant color
2) These inks are made for a wide variety of surfaces.  I like using Distress ink for sprays, but these inks can do great stuff on ribbon and fabric along with paper, and once it is heat set, it is permanent. I want to play around with  masking and spraying a tee-shirt... 
3) It really expands my color palette for sprays!  (My mom has been collecting these inks for a while for quilting, so I just dig in her stash and make my sprays. She doesn't mind... as long as I make sprays for her too. LOL!
4) They play well with the Distress ink sprays I already use
5) They have some shimmery ones you can add to your spray for a beautiful shine. Yes, I like a little bling.  *hehehe*

Paper: White Cardstock
Ink: Tsukineko All Purpose Ink, Archival, Distress, Powder Puff
Stamps: Fancy Pants "Pollen Dust"
Other: Tattered Angels "Seaside" glimmer screen

Ok, so my studio is in the process of moving to a new room...I'm not really sure where the notes I took on this card are, but I think I got all the products used...

The blue was sprayed on first. That is a Distress ink spray (Broken China, I think). I then plopped on the seahorse screen, and  sprayed an API spray over it. The spray was a dark pink with a gold shimmer, but because of the translucent nature of dye inks, it turned a lovely shade of purple when sprayed over the blue. That is something to remember... You can build ink colors by layering them. Lots of fun!  I used Archival ink to stamp the flourishes. I then went around the edges with black Powder Puff ink to give it a finished look, and help draw the eye in.

This card is very elegant, yet very simple when you break it down.

Don't have the brand name screens and masks? No problem. Try making your own with the Cricut or other die cutting machine. For a one-time use mask, you can use vinyl, or cardstock (it needs to be heavy enough that the ink you apply over it won't seep through). If you want a more permanent mask, there is stencil material, or acetate. If you don't want to have to hold your mask while inking, spraying, painting, and stamping, you can add a little re-positionable adhesive on the back of your mask.

Ok.. I'm not really sure why I'm blogging at 1 am, but I really should get to bed. LOL!