image transfer with paste...

Hey everyone!

I don't have a completed project to share right now, but I wanted to share the latest mixed media technique I have been learning... 
This started out as a photograph of a sweet little girl that LOVES my camera. =)   I then converted it into a black and white line drawing in photoshop.  From there I printed it out on a laser printer (yes, that is important!).  I then transferred the image using modeling paste (I recently learned that modeling paste can be used as a transfer medium, and I HAD to try it. lol!). Once dry, it was a fabulous surface to watercolor on!  I admit, I'm no professional watercolor artist, but the point was to have fun, not be photo realistic, so I'm happy with the attempt. I used watercolors (from the tubes, not the cakes), watercolor pencils, and Creative Inspirations Paint. (I would have used watercolor crayons too, but I don't have any right now.. it's on my list of things to get. *grin*)

And, I am super excited... Yesterday was my birthday, and after a fabulous rib dinner and yummy ice cream cake (Baskin Robbins I *heart* you!) I got an amazing gift... a new CAMERA (Nikon D3s for those who know their nikons)!  Can I just say how much I LOVE my family? Cameras are just like computers, the second you buy one, it is out dated by fabulous new technology,  so I'm not saying that my other camera bodies aren't good, cuz they great, but this one is AWESOME!  So much control... larger range of ISOs with good noise reduction... dual card slots... Yeah, I'm drooling a bit while I do my happy dance of ecstasy . =)  
Thank you family!!!

Have a fabulous day, I'm off to play with more paint!