uniquely different...

Guessing game... what are these?

If you don't know, don't feel bad. A month ago, I wouldn't have either.  
Believe it or not, they are fish scales. Gar fish scales to be a little more precise. (ok.. random trivia from Wikipedia... Native Americans used Gar scales as arrow heads. VERY COOL!)


What does that have to do with today's tutorial?
Well... we're gonna paint them!  They make fabulous flowers that are always unique! 

here's what you need:
Gar Scales (I got mine off ebay)
Creative Inspirations Paint
Sticky Notes
Decoupage Sealant 
Non-stick Craft Sheet
Strong Glue*
Jeweled Inspirations (I'm using Clear 30)

*You want to use a really strong glue. I tried Glossy Accents (which I use for everything!!!) and it didn't work. So, I use Beacon 527. It says on the tube it works with shells, so it works for this. *

 Step 1: Find your petals. Gar scales come in varying sizes and irregular shapes. No two are the same. Play around with the scales until you find some that fit together a way you like. It is kinda like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, except there is no right or wrong way. =)

 Step 2: Line your chosen scales up on the sticky strip of your sticky note. This will make painting a ton easier because you don't have to hold individual scales, and you won't be chasing them around your table with your paintbrush. 

 Step 2: Paint on your first layer of CI paint, and let it dry. Yes, it looks bad. Don't worry, we'll fix it. 
I'm using Lavender here.

 Step 3: Paint on a second coat and let dry. The scales should look much better now. 
*You can paint a third coat if needed.

 Step 4: Seal your paint with a decoupage sealant, and let dry. This gets kinda messy, so I take the scales off the sticky notes so they don't get glued on. =)
*notice the super secret magic tool I told you about yesterday?

Step 5: Put a blob of glue on your non-stick craft sheet. 

 Step 6: Arrange your petals over your dot of glue. 

Step 7: Add another dot of glue over the center of your petals to ensure they are all glued in.

Step 8: Add a Jeweled Inspirations stone to the center to hide all the glue. 

Let dry, and you are ready to use!

These make fabulous embellishments, jewelry, and home decor! I've seen red ones used as poinsettias on Christmas tree ornaments... So many possibilities!



  1. Great project. I love it. We are on the same team so I thought it would be great to follow you hope you will consider doing the same.
    DIANA L.

  2. Hi who would have thought! Fish scales! they do make cute flowers! love that paint color, Im here from Sweet Magnolia Rose and your newest follower!


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