who needs fingers anyway...

Sorry I've been quiet this week... I've been working like crazy to get ahead on my tutorials so I can visit family later this month. Gotta love summer! =)

I do, however, have a super exciting thing to share.... I don't know if all JoAnns are having the same sale, but while I was there today, I found Tim Holtz clear stamp sets on CLEARANCE!!! Instead of $15, they were $4!  I know, fabulous, huh!

I only got 2 sets... the rest had been cleared out!  So, check the store near you, but you better hurry!

I also have a rather humorous story to share.

My paper trimmer has been driving me nuts for quite a while. It didn't cut straight... actually, it didn't really cut as much as tear.  GRRR!  I hate trimmer shopping though. There are so many out there, but so few that can really stand up to my usage and give me the super straight lines I want. (for those of you out there with trimmer OCD, you know what I mean!)  After much debating and research, I decide to give the Tonic Guillotine trimmer a try.  I was worried at first, since I seem to be "accident prone", and really didn't want to chop of a hand or something. When I got it, I felt very reassured by the big plastic finger guard. *whew*

Fast forward to 2 days ago... I'm happily cutting strips of paper, enjoying my new cutter and how nice the cuts are... I think you can see where this is going. I thought I was doing so well, when my knuckle got in the way. Yup. I ended chopping off a nice hunk of skin. I guess I need a knuckle guard too.  LOL!

Enjoy! (and be careful)