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Hello my wonderful friends!

I hope you have all had wonderful, safe, and happy holidays!

My sister came here for Christmas, and we spent many wonderful hours in my studio. (no, my sister is not the arts & crafts types.... that was part of what made it so fun. LOL)  She warned me ahead of time that she had a project she wanted my help on, and she thought of another project while she was here, so we were busy!

She wanted to make handmade journals for her friends. She had been given one that she loved, and wanted me to help her make some to give away. This is the one I learned on while I figured out what needed to be done and showed her. 

We used mini canvases for the covers, which ended up working really well... Thankfully my trusty Crop-a-dile was able to punch through it for the binding. =)

My sister saw a card front that I had been experimenting with and loved the look. She wanted me to show her how to do it for the covers.  Lots of colorful fun, and a little less intimidating for her than what she was going to do. That blank canvas can be quite intimidating when you aren't used to painting.

And, yes, I learned a book binding stitch. It seemed kinda confusing from the tutorial I was looking at, but once I figured it out, it was really easy. Thank goodness for Google! LOL!

Here's to a bright and happy new year!



  1. Happy new year Kassi, your journal came out awesome. I love the colors and I love the design

  2. This is absolutely stunning! You did a great job and I am in love with the colors you used and the idea to use mini canvases as your cover!

  3. Your sister will be hooked before you know it.... I am glad you had some creative time to make some journals together - special memories. Beautiful journal too, and love the binding.


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