chalky tissues...

Hi. My name is Kassi, and I'm obsessed with organization. 

is there a 12 step program for that? 

I think STEP 1 would be to reorganize the program. LOL!

I LOVE organizing (and reorganizing, and reorganizing....)  I love the way houses look in the magazines where everything matches.. down the the last detail. I love the ingenious storage ideas you can find on pinterest...

When I'm stress... I organize. 
When I'm mad... I organize.
When I'm excited... I organize.

So I guess it should come as no surprise that when I got my Silhouette, and started looking through their library... I fell in love with some of the fabulous boxes, drawers, and other organizational things... Yes, they are just paper, but they match! and they look so cute! and, and, and....

and I'm beginning to wonder if I really do need a 12 step program. 


Oh, well, they really are cute!

This one is from the "3d Lori Whitlock Stacking Box Set". 

For the charm, I cut the link of the top of a Tim Holtz Type Charm, the used Glossy Accents to glue a little lace in the charm as well as a resin flower from Websters Pages.  The flower wasn't the right color, so I dyed it with a drop or two of Alcohol inks of various colors... it worked like... well, a CHARM. lol!

To make the decorative panels, I used a twist on an old favorite that I haven't used for a while... Not sure why... I love this one!

So grab some tissue paper (doesn't matter if it's already been used... I save all white tissue paper from gifts just for crafting) and let's get inky!

I know I've shared a version of this technique before, but hey, I'm doing it again with a different twist... 

Step 1: Stamp your background stamp onto the tissue paper using a permanent waterproof ink (I use Archival ink).  I'm using one of my current favorite background stamps which is "Chicken Wire" from Unity.. It has this awesome distressed look... totally me. 


Step 2: Once the ink is completely dry, crinkle the tissue paper up... like I said, no reason why it can't be recycled from old packaging... it's just going to get wrinkled anyway!  :)

Step 3: Cover your card stock piece COMPLETELY with a glue stick. (With the back to school sales going on, it is a great time to stock up on cheap glue sticks!!!)

Step 4: Press your stamped tissue paper onto your gluey card stock. Don't try to smooth it out.. the wrinkles are good... In fact, I make more wrinkles as I'm laying it down if I find areas that don't have enough. 

Step 5: Once the glue dries, cover the whole thing with Distress paint.  This will give your finished project a "chalkier" look than when you do this same technique without the paint.  The inks will also blend differently with the paint as a base. (it's a fun way to switch things up and expand your colors)

Step 6: Randomly add some Distress ink.

Step 7: Add more Distress ink until you get your desired look.

Step 8: Go around the edges with a darker color

Step 9: VERY gently swipe the pad of that darker color directly over the card stock... this will highlight all those wrinkles in the tissue paper... I know it looks really dark in the photo, but that is just because it is wet.. it fades to a chalkier look as it dries.....

And there you have the chalky version of the wrinkled tissue paper technique. It has such a fun texture in person!

 *Note: it does take longer for the ink to dry when it is on top of the paint since it isn't absorbed into the paper... give it time, or hit it with a heat tool... just be careful not to smear it!



  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your technique!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, my friend! Wow. Come on over and organize for me!

  3. This is lovely!! The chicken wire stamp is perfect for this.

  4. I loved the tutorial, Kassi! So glad you linked up with FWF and shared it. I'm a Lori Whitlock box fanatic also. Not so organized -- except in my head. Does that count?

  5. i. love. this. thank you for a fab tutorial... i especially love the final swipe with the ink pad to bring out all those great wrinkles. also... are we separated at birth? I re-organize my entire craft space once a month... just because it's so enjoyable!
    -Rachel w k

  6. Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Interesting technique. Tks for sharing...:)

  8. What a cool project! Looks great!


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