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Hello my wonderful friends!

I thought I would do a quick follow-up to Saturday's tutorial...

I shared a tool I use to highlight texture that apparently is no longer being made. :(

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, 

No worries!

With a few simple (and inexpensive) supplies you can make your own! 

Here's what you need:

Ink Blending Tool (Ranger/Inkssentials)
craft foam sheet (with the sticker back)
craft felt

Step 1: Use your Ink Blending tool (or one of the blending foam pads) to trace the right size rectangles onto your craft foam, then cut out. 

Step 2: Remove the sticker backing and stick onto a piece of craft felt then trim excess felt.

The felt will stick to the velcro on the blending tool, just like the blending pads and alcohol felt pads do... the difference is... the foam is harder than the blending pads allowing us to hit only the raised areas, and will hold distribute ink and paint better than the felt pads

This is not a cheap alternative to the blending pads you buy for the blending tool.... it won't blend ink well. Although... it does have a rather unique effect, if that is what you are going for...

It will, however, highlight raised textures (like embossed designs, creases, and fibers) like a pro!

It works with inks and paints... with the paints, you only need a very thin layer of paint on the foam at a time, or it will be too gloopy to stay only on the raised areas, so really spread the paint out with the foam as you are picking it up. A little really goes a long way with it.

When you are done, clean it up with water and allow to dry. 



  1. I love this idea! Thanks for the tips.

  2. I have to ask - what embossing folder is that? It's beautiful!

  3. Thanks for this good idea, I've often wanted to highlight embossing but always get ink where I don't want it, I'll be giving this a go.
    Marg NZ.

  4. Awesome have been trying to do this but they turn out sloppy


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