distress tints...

Hello my wonderful friends! 

Ready for some Unity FWF fun (and a quick tutorial)?  

Yeah, I thought so. ;)

Today's card uses the bird from Strength and Dignity KOM, Flowers from Insightful Meadow, and Happy Birthday from Blossom Stackers

Stamp image onto kraft paper with clear embossing ink, then emboss it with clear embossing powder.

Next mix white acrylic paint with Distress Reinker. 

-at this point you are probably thinking "I'll just grab my Distress Paint."  Well, you can, but it will work differently. Distress Paint is designed to react to water while it is still wet, and be permanent when dry. If you mix Distress Reinker with regular acrylic paint, you will get a paint where the color will react with water every time it gets wet (similar to the inks). There is a place in art for both kinds of "Distress Paint" 

Cover your entire paper with your tinted paint. *GASP!*  Yes, I said the ENTIRE thing! I usually give it a coat, let it dry, then give it another coat for a nice even color.

Once the paint is dry, take a dry to VERY slightly damp rag or paper towel and buff the paint off the embossed image. It will act as a resist, and the paint will come off. YAY!

Now, here comes the fun part with the reinker tinted paint... you can flick water at it (along with other fun techniques) and..

You get some awesome results!

Now, for some distressed flowers... I love doing this... Instead of mounting your stamp, hold it in your hand. You will get uneven pressure, and you can get more faded and distressed look.

Here I wanted not only distressed, but also subtle, so I'm stamping them with clear embossing ink. 


Yes, clear embossing ink... then dusting with Perfect Pearls (in Perfect Gold) When it hits the light, the flowers shimmer beautifully, but they aren't overly THERE. It gives them a very SOFT presences. 



  1. That's lovely!! Love the distressed look.

  2. This is so, so pretty. Thanks for the how-to, too! :)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial and finished card looks superb and great x

  4. So clever to mix in this way. Your artwork is fabulous. Cool technique.

  5. This is fabulous! I love the colors and the distressing and appreciate your tips about distress paint:-)

  6. Wow - lots of great technique tips and you've put together a lovely card!

  7. Thanks for all of the tips! This is super !

  8. Gorgeous card! Great tutorial, thank you for all the fabulous ideas! :)

  9. Lovely card, Kassi! Thanks for the tutorial. I have a drawer full of Perfect Pearls and never think to use them! This is great.


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