frosty inspiration...

Hello my wonderful friends!

I have recently decided that if it is cold enough for frost, it is cold enough to be wearing socks…like the super thick fuzzy kind. And gloves. And a coat… even if it doesn't match your outfit, or makes you feel like a marshmallow. I've also been reminded just how little I seem to care about logic when I have a camera in my hand and something I want to capture. Does it really matter if I can't feel my fingers as long as I get the shot before the light moves, or the ice melts? 

Yeah… I'm not claiming intelligence when I am being creative. Apparently, they don't necessarily go hand in hand.

With that in mind, I thought focusing my creativity INSIDE might be a prudent move. So, I come before you today with a wintery project that involves absolutely nothing cold. 

Ready to get frosty while staying toasty?

Step 1: Stamp your image onto white tissue paper using a permanent ink. I chose to use a stamp from from Unity's "Beautiful Elements" kit. I {LOVE} this kit!!!  I figured the red heart would work for my decor from Christmas all the way through February. Perfect. 

When the ink is dry, cut your image out. This doesn't have to be perfect, but you want to trim fairly close to the image so you don't have a ton of extra tissue paper to deal with.

Step 2: Make a sandwich. Place your cut out image where you want it on a candle, than wrap a piece of wax paper over top (that thin waxy paper in your kitchen). Hold that tight, and heat with a heat gun.

The idea is, to melt the thin layer of wax  on the wax paper to seal the image into the surface of the candle. When it has gotten all shiny, carefully remove the wax paper. If the wax paper is stuck, gently reheat with your heat gun. It has to be removed while the wax is warm.  The tissue paper all but disappears, and you are left with an awesome altered candle. You can stop here, but I wanted to kick things up a notch.

Step 3: Brush a layer Mod Podge (or other similar glue) over your candle.

Step 4: Roll your candle in epsom salt. Allow to dry.

It looks all frosted and awesome!

I decided to add a little finishing touch to my by stringing a few beads on a piece of twine and wrapping it around the candle. 

NOTE: This is for decoration purposes… I honestly don't know if it is safe to burn a candle covered in Mod Podge and epsom salt. I wouldn't suggest trying it. Just let it look pretty on your table or mantle. :)