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Ok.. who has finished their Christmas cards, and who is in the mad dash? I'm not quite done, and definitely feeling the crunch!

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 Today,  Colorado Craft Company is releasing not one, but TWO holiday collections, and  they are the perfect way to either finish up you cards and tags for this year, or get a head start on cards for next year!  (and don't worry, for those who don't celebrate Christmas, there are some fun sets that work for Winter too!) 

To celebrate this new release, Colorado Craft Company has some amazing give aways... more on that below-

But first, let's take a look at these fun new stamps! 
(WARNING: Photo heavy.... I was up all night coloring! LOL)

First up, let's take a look at the Kris Lauren collection:

The first 3 sets are great on their own, but they are also designed to mix and match... 

The first one in our mix and match mugs is the Santa Cheer Mug. It has the mug, the whipped cream with sprinkles, and the candy cane as separate stamps (so you can mix and match), plus 3 fun sentiments! 

TIP: white still has shadows, and those shadows don't have to be grey... when you have a lot of different white things in one image try making some of them a warm white (by using warm colored shadows) and some of the cool whites... Here the hat is a cool white (blue shadows) and the beard is a warm white (yellow brown shadows- with some blue in the darkest corners)). The cream is a mix of the two.

There are coordinating dies for this set if you don't want to mask.

Next in our trio is Snowman Hug in a Mug! This one has the mug, marshmallows, and the straw plus 3 sentiments!  

TIP: Allowing colors to mix on the paper wet on wet can lead to beautiful blends! For the snowman's scarf I used a yellow green and a blue green, and just let them mingle on the wet paper.

The coordinating dies for this set can be found here.

And the final mug in our trio is the Cozy Reindeer Mug featuring the mug, holly, cream, and a sentiment.

TIP: Adding white doodles can give personality to your cards, but sometimes the color will bleed through (reds are really bad!) You may need to do more than one layer of white pen (let it dry in between) or try Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleed Proof White.

And of course, the coordinating dies.

This funny lady is from Merry Christmoose. This set has 2 moose (that are pretty tall) and 7 sentiments. I love the curlers in her hair! 

TIP: It's ok to keep things simple... you don't have to use all the colors, and you don't have to fill in everything perfectly... loose watercolor doesn't need to be stressful (or perfect!)

And, of course, the coordinating dies.

Finally, we have the mini... This Gingerbread Cutie and sentiment! He is kinda small (he is a mini stamp after all), but he is sized perfect for tags! He will look adorable tied around the jar of candied nuts I'll be making in a few weeks!

TIP: You don't have to have a tag die to make a tag. Any shape will work  (even hand cut!). A hole punch makes an easy place for ribbon to go through, but isn't required.. Don't make tags any more complicated than you want the to be. We all have enough stress this time of year!

And yes there is a die for this guy!
 (NOTE: the die is for the stamp, not the tag)

For those who can't pick favorites, you can pick up the WHOLE Kris Lauren release (for 10% off) HERE.

For those who just want the Kris Lauren STAMPS from this release (for 5% off) you can get them HERE.

Now let's take a look at the Anita Jeram collection:

First up is this sweet pup from Furry Christmas who comes bearing gifts! This large stamp fills up the card, but the set includes a few extra ornaments and 6 sentiments as well!

TIP: Color your white/light areas first, this way you don't accidentally drag your darker or brighter colors into your white. (This is actually true with alcohol markers too!)

And there is a coordinating die set are well.

Ok, this one has my heart with cuteness! This is Christmas Obsessed... and you get to decorate the tree! Yep, the tree is one stamp, but all the little ornaments hanging off of it are separate stamps! You get to choose what you hang and where! (The mouse stretching is a separate stamp, however the smaller mouse is holding those berries). This set has the tree, a bird, 2 mice, 8 ornaments, thread, and 6 sentiments!

TIP: The best part of decorating your own tree is that this doesn't have to be Christmas themed... you could any small stamps you have to decorate it! It could be a Easter tree, or a birthday tree, or whatever! 

If masking isn't for you, never fear, there is a coordinating die set!

This funny bunny is Mistle "Toes", and honestly would be cute any time you are gifting a pair of socks! 
The set has the main bunny image, 2 extra gifts, an extra pair of socks, and 4 sentiments.

TIP: If you splatter paint while areas are still wet, the colors will merge. If you wait until everything is dry, the splatters will stay on top. Use this knowledge to decide when you want to splatter. I like splattering when my ground is still wet, so the splatters will blend into my ground, but if you don't want them blending, wait for everything to dry. 

There is also a coordinating dies for this stamp.

Taking a quick jaunt south to the land of ice... we have Ice Holiday. This set has the main image with the 2 large penguins and the ice, 2 small penguins that are separate, hats and scarves for both the big and little penguins, and 4 sentiments. 

TIP: Dry brush on cold press or rough paper is a great way to get a snow like texture! It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like... dry paper, and a brush that is just damp with paint, and very lightly drag it across so your brush just touches the raised areas of the paper. It may take some practice to get just the right amount of water involved, but it is quick and fun once you get the hang of it!

The coordinating die set makes creating an icy scene nice and easy!

This one actually features 2 sets... Let's start with that fun patterned paper... That is the Christmas Background stamp, and it is a fun collection of gifts, stockings, holly, and hats!
The dog and the sentiment come from Merry Shopping. This stamp set has a big main image that includes the dog, the cat, and the mouse, and each of the critters separately so you have options! There are also 6 sentiments

TIP: If you stamp the full background stamp and color it up, you can cut that down to strips or shapes and make multiple cards from it. Also, layering a solid color under the busy pattern can help make the pattern pop!

There is a coordinating die set for Merry Shopping.

And finally, the mini for this collection... Bright Birdcage featuring this cute birdcage all decked out with lights, a pile of gifts, an extra star and 2 tiny sentiments! (That's a lot packed in to one mini set!)

TIP: Adding sparkly paint can be fun, but sometimes it needs a regular color under it to make it pop... I used yellow under my gold paint, and a blue grey under the silver paint. 

And, the coordinating die for this set.

For those who can't pick favorites, you can pick up the WHOLE Anita Jeram release (for 10% off) HERE.

For those who just want the Anita Jeram STAMPS from this release (for 5% off) you can get them HERE.

Now for the GIVEAWAYS I mentioned...
Giveaway 1:
CCC is giving away one stamp set from this release  per designer. CCC will randomly select the winners from the comments left at their blogs and Instagram posts. Leave a comment, follow, and like!

You can leave a comment here on my blog and/or my Instagram  

Giveaway 2:
 CCC is giving away one complete bundle of EITHER Anita Jeram collection OR Kris Lauren collection (winner can choose which they want)! The winner will be randomly drawn from orders placed that use a designer's affiliate link.  
(just click on any of the links on my blog and shop as usual... affiliate links don't change the price you pay, but it does help the designers like me earn a little money for our work- so thank you so much!! You have no idea how much it means to me!)


Giveaway ends Dec. 3rd 2023 at midnight (ET)

Winners will be chosen by Colorado Craft Company and announced on their blog on Dec 5th

Be sure to check out all the other amazing designers..  I'm always impressed and inspired by these talented artists! (don't forget to leave them comments as well for more chances to win!)
(and check ME out on Instagram too)

I'll be back with more soon... see you then! 

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