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and welcome to anyone who is new!

Guess what?  Today is my birthday, and I'm excited to be celebrating with a Colorado Craft release! 

(no, they didn't do this release for my birthday, but hey if the fates align the dates, I'm not going to complain! LOL!) 

Note: Products were provided by the company, however my opinions remain my own. Affiliate links have been used. This doesn't affect the price you pay, but it does a lot to help me continue bringing you new content. Thank you so much for your support!

 Today's  Colorado Craft Company release is from the talented illustrator Kris Lauren. I didn't get the full release this time, but I'm excited to share what I can. (Be sure to check out the other designers blogs for more of the release! Links will be at the bottom of this post)

To celebrate this new release, Colorado Craft Company has some amazing give aways... more on that below-- but first, let's take a look at this fun release! 

Let's start with the ADORABLE Ocean's to Fly set... It includes a plane, a fox, a bear, and multiple sentiments. The fox is not in the plane (he is a full body standing fox) but with a little masking, the fox or the bear can fly the plane!

TIP: Get creative, and search your stash... any little character facing the left could fly this plane! The cockpit opening is approx. 1" wide.

TIP: To get your windshield more transparent, ink up your stamp as usual, but use a rag to gently wipe most (not all) of the ink of the windshield area.

If masking isn't your jam, that's fine... there are coordinating dies available!

TIP: You don't have to fill your whole background with color... if fact, it can create a very whimsical effect to just have some color in the background... Here I focused it in a diagonal line across my card connecting the plane and the banner, which will help draw your eye through the image. To keep the edges nice and soft, use plenty of water. I like to paint with water FIRST  where I want my background (being sure to be a bit sloppy and haphazard with the edges so it isn't stiff), then drop color onto the wet paper. The color will only go where there is water on the paper, so this is a great way to figure out where you want color before committing to color. 

Speaking of the banner,  that is from Banner Greetings. This set has the banner, and 14 sentiment options that fit in the banner! While I kept my cards birthday themed today, this set covers lots of occasions... from thinking of you to congratulations, and best teacher to get better soon. Very versatile! Also, while I chose to stamp my banner off the edge of the page, the full stamp includes strings so you can have the plane pulling the banner! And yes, there is a coordinating die.

Next up, let's take a look at the fabulous Wild and Free Mini... This tiny stamp set has just half a daisy (along with the sentiment 'wild and free'). The half daisy is perfect for giving the illusion it its tucked behind the edge of something! While this card looks like there is a strip of paper covering part of the daisy, it is actually painted on to the card front panel! I simply put down some masking tape, and painted in my strip, I then removed the tape, stamped and painted my flower, and finished it up with a little pen work. I then added a sentiment from Oceans to Fly.

TIP:  Water is your friend if you want soft watercolor blends... and so is self control. When you want multiple colors to blend flawlessly like the strip in my card, start with water, then drop some colors in... you can paint them in, splash them in, whatever, just make sure things are nice and wet and that the colors overlap a little... Once you have the colors on the wet paper, don't fuss with them. Let the water move and blend them. If you fuss with them, you will probably end up with a solid block of color instead of color that transitions from one to another. This can take some experimenting and practice... I have filled LOTS of card fronts with experimental blends... some have worked, some have not. Those that work, I save and use when I need a quick background. Those that don't, I learn from them. 
Practice is not wasting supplies!

There is a coordinating die for this set as well if you prefer to actually create layers instead of the illusion of layers.

And the last set I have to share with you today is the Daisy Background. This background stamp is the same size as all of CCC's background stamps: Appprox 6"x6", so it will easily cover a typical 4.25"x5.5" card.. but who says you have to use the full background every time?

The sentiment is from Oceans to Fly.

TIP: For super quick and easy masking, just use some washi tape to give yourself a line, then place a sheet of paper over any areas of the card you don't want stamped. The tape will ensure a crisp line that won't move even if you have to stamp more than once (common for large stamps like this), and the paper just saves time and energy trying to mask the rest of the card!

TIP: For an even more defined edge, use a pen to draw a line along the edge of the tape before you remove it... it will keep your line straight and right along the edge of where you have stamped and colored!

OK, now if you are having a hard time choosing favorites, no worries! 

You can get the FULL RELEASE bundle (save 10%) 

Or, just the STAMPS bundle (save 5%) 

Now for the GIVEAWAYS I mentioned...
Giveaway 1:
CCC is giving away one stamp set from this release  per designer. CCC will randomly select the winners from the comments left at their blogs and Instagram posts. Leave a comment, follow, and like!

You can leave a comment here on my blog and/or my Instagram  

Giveaway 2:

 CCC is giving away the entire release to one winner! The winner will be randomly drawn from orders placed that use a designer's affiliate link.  
(just click on any of the links on my blog and shop as usual... affiliate links don't change the price you pay, but it does help the designers like me earn a little money for our work- so thank you so much!! You have no idea how much it means to me!)

 Giveaway ends April 30th at midnight (ET) 

Winners will be chosen by Colorado Craft Company and announced on their blog on May 2nd

Be sure to check out all the other amazing designers to see the rest of the release..  I'm always impressed and inspired by these talented artists! (don't forget to leave them comments as well for more chances to win!)
I'll be back with more soon... see you then! 

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