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Well, this isn't the project I was planning on posting, but for some reason beyond my comprehension, Blogger isn't wanting to upload the photos of the project I wanted to share today. I'll have to try again tomorrow. Maybe it will like those pictures then. 

This is a project that I actually did a little while ago when I ran into a creative block doing Christmas cards.  It ended up being really fun, and kinda got me addicted to making color sprays using Tsukineko All Purpose inks (API).  There are a couple or reasons I really like using these inks for sprays...

1) The color is great! It doesn't take much ink to get a very vibrant color
2) These inks are made for a wide variety of surfaces.  I like using Distress ink for sprays, but these inks can do great stuff on ribbon and fabric along with paper, and once it is heat set, it is permanent. I want to play around with  masking and spraying a tee-shirt... 
3) It really expands my color palette for sprays!  (My mom has been collecting these inks for a while for quilting, so I just dig in her stash and make my sprays. She doesn't mind... as long as I make sprays for her too. LOL!
4) They play well with the Distress ink sprays I already use
5) They have some shimmery ones you can add to your spray for a beautiful shine. Yes, I like a little bling.  *hehehe*

Paper: White Cardstock
Ink: Tsukineko All Purpose Ink, Archival, Distress, Powder Puff
Stamps: Fancy Pants "Pollen Dust"
Other: Tattered Angels "Seaside" glimmer screen

Ok, so my studio is in the process of moving to a new room...I'm not really sure where the notes I took on this card are, but I think I got all the products used...

The blue was sprayed on first. That is a Distress ink spray (Broken China, I think). I then plopped on the seahorse screen, and  sprayed an API spray over it. The spray was a dark pink with a gold shimmer, but because of the translucent nature of dye inks, it turned a lovely shade of purple when sprayed over the blue. That is something to remember... You can build ink colors by layering them. Lots of fun!  I used Archival ink to stamp the flourishes. I then went around the edges with black Powder Puff ink to give it a finished look, and help draw the eye in.

This card is very elegant, yet very simple when you break it down.

Don't have the brand name screens and masks? No problem. Try making your own with the Cricut or other die cutting machine. For a one-time use mask, you can use vinyl, or cardstock (it needs to be heavy enough that the ink you apply over it won't seep through). If you want a more permanent mask, there is stencil material, or acetate. If you don't want to have to hold your mask while inking, spraying, painting, and stamping, you can add a little re-positionable adhesive on the back of your mask.

Ok.. I'm not really sure why I'm blogging at 1 am, but I really should get to bed. LOL! 



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