beach treasures...

Despite what the weather around here is looking like, it is officially summer, and in honor of that, I have a fun project to share.

I love going to the ocean and finding the treasures that wash up on the sand. One of these treasures is sand dollars. (if you can't make it to the beach, try your local craft store)

What you'll need
Sand dollar
Strong clear drying glue
CI Resplendence  in Angel Dust
Makeup Wedge
White sheer ribbon
Heat gun

 In preparation, if you collect your own sand dollars from the beach, clean and bleach your sand dollar. If you buy it from the store, it will already be cleaned. Also, some sand dollars have natural holes in them, but if not, drill your own as I have done.

 Step 1: apply a strong clear drying glue to the top of the sand dollar

 Step 2: Sprinkle on some Creative Inspirations Angel Dust Resplendence, and let dry.
Angel Dust is a beautiful iridescent glitter... fabulous! The photo really doesn't give it justice, but the sun was just not cooperating! 

 Step 3: Now grab one of my favorite painting tools... a makeup wedge, and sponge on some CI paint around the edge to give it a beautiful touch of color.

Step 4: Set your sand dollar aside for a bit, and grab your sheer ribbon. Paint your ribbon with CI paint.  Beautiful and easy way to alter ribbon!

Step 5: Thread your painted ribbon through the hole in the sand dollar and tie it. 

 Step 6: Carefully  heat the tails of the bow with a heat gun. It will start melting the ribbon causing it to crinkle and curl. Be careful, if you keep the heat on it too long, the ribbon will just plain melt

 I love the texture and dimension the melted ribbon adds to it!

 Step 7: Add decorations if desired... I made some flowers with glittered garfish scales...