butterfly kisses...

Hello my fabulous friends!

My mom and I were talking the other day about the chickens she wants to raise.  My dad doesn't seem to be too excited about the idea, so we started joking about getting peacocks so I could use the feathers in my art....  any one know where we could get some albino peacocks? LOL!

With feathers on my mind I set out to work on my tutorial for this week... 

(I suggest grabbing a lint roller for this.... feather fluff gets ALL over!)

What you need:
Scratch Paper
Dark Marker
Glitter Glue (I use Stickles)
Mini Mist Bottle
Small Bead
Non-stick Craft Sheet
Red Liner Tape

Ready, set, grab your lint roller, and let's go!

Step 1: choose 4 feathers with nice smooth tops and cut off the fluffy bottom part. 

 Step 2: Draw your wing shape on your scratch paper with a dark marker. (make sure to size it to fit on your feather tops!)

 Step 3: Place your feather over your template, and use glitter glue to outline the shape on the feather.

Step 4: Set it aside to dry for several hours. Don't rush it!!!

 Step 5: Once dry, trim off the extra fluff.

 Step 6: Mix some Creative Inspirations Paint with water in a mini mist bottle. (I used Pink Highlights, so the color isn't showing up well, but it is there!)

*I know I did a mist tutorial way back when I started first started posting CI tutorials, but I want to update it. 
Have you ever notice the nail polish bottle that have a little mixing ball in them?  Well, there is a good reason for that. When you have a thick medium (paint/shimmer) you are trying to mix with a thin medium (water) a mixing ball really helps! So, throw a small roundish bead in your mister with your paint. It really helps!

 Step 7: Using your freshly made shimmer mist, spray your wings. The glitter glue will help them keep their shape even when wet.

Set them aside to dry. It shouldn't take too long this time.

 Step 8: Peel off the paper lining to a piece of red liner tape. Stick it onto a non-stick craft sheet. (I cut up a worn out craft sheet to work on so it is easy to set aside to dry.)
 Step 9: Peel off the red liner, an arrange your sparkly wings on the tape.

 Step 10: Add a thick line of glitter glue down the middle to help hold the wings and form the body. Don't worry if the glue goes past your tape, it should hold it's shape just fine.
*you can also add designs to the wings using glitter glue or CI paint*

Step 11: Again, set it aside to dry for several hours. 

 Step 12: Once dry, you can very carefully peel it off your non-stick craft sheet. The tape will still be sticky on the back making it simple to attach to your project. 

Yes, there is a lot of drying time with this technique. However, you can make up a whole batch of butterflies (or dragonflies) at a time and store them on an old sticker backing sheet. You could also make a bunch white ones and wait to spray them with the desired CI color until you are ready to use them... 

The sparkles, feathers, and dimension add such a great touch to cards and LO!