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Hello my fabulous friends!

I am so sorry that I went silent last week... I've been battling some health issues, and things got pretty bad last week... 

{If you aren't interested in my personal life, feel free to jump down below the photo for today's card}

Among other things, one of the things I have struggled with for my whole life is, anxiety... Normally I can hide it well, and there are times when it seems to not be there at all... but other times, it becomes overwhelmingly debilitating.  I do my best to keep things in check... but sometimes the unexpected or unavoidable happens....
Anyway, last week something happened, and it put my anxiety into overdrive times 100.... I couldn't eat, because I'd have a panic attack at the idea of eating. I couldn't work, because I'd have a panic attack 30 seconds after sitting down at my computer. When I would sit down to color, my mind would go blank and I would just stare at the paper, unable to do more than that....  And just 'staying in the moment' or 'waiting out the panic' didn't work. 
During this, my sensory processing issues also got worse.. lights were blinding, sounds were overwhelming....  and, surprise, surprise, when I'm having sensory issues, it increases the anxiety... 

Anyway, I'm back, and ready to get inky. 

Paper: Strathmore Bristol Smooth; The Paper Studio Barnwood Pretty
Stamps: Tracey Hey Some Bunny
Ink: Inkon3* Fadeout, Blackout, Liquid Pixie Dust; Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleedproof White
Coloring: Zig Clean Color Real Brush
Bunny- 075, 069, 230, 902
Purple- 903, 080
Pink- 230, 260, 903
Dies: Kat Scrappiness Double Stitched Rectangles
Other: Ranger Glossy Accents

This adorable bunny steals my heart! Isn't she darling?!?! 

I love that this can be used not just in February, but any time someone needs a reminder that they aren't alone...

For the heart, I wanted to add just a little extra pop, so I painted some Liquid Pixie Dust over it, then coated it in Glossy Accents... Simple and effective.  

(I suggest adding the Glossy Accents as the very last thing you do after the card is assembled... that way you can set it out of the way to fully dry, and won't end up accidentally touching it, or putting something else on top of it before it's ready....  yes, this is experience talking. LOL!)

Thank you all so much for your support and kind comments! They mean more than you can know. 

See you soon!

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  1. Of course I adore your card today Kassi as you do no line coloring complete justice every time, but I also just adore you! You are strong and vulnerable and troubled but extremely love able at the same time! You aren’t afraid to be honest and you make me feel grateful to call you friend! Stay strong and stay you! Hugs, Tammy Louise :)

  2. Beautiful card as always! ��
    I'm sorry to hear about your problems because I know how it feels... the anxiety, the panic attacks... I had the same for many years. But somehow I got over it with therapy and medication so there is hope! It takes a lot of strength to come out of it when you have such periode of anxiety but you manage to do so every time. I'm sure you will be able to overcome this. Hugs, Jolanda


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