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Who is ready for spring? 

I know I am! My poor daffodils came up just to get snowed on...  

Oh well, if I can't have spring outside, I'll just have to make it in my studio!

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 Today,  Colorado Craft Company has a fantastic new release to get us in the spring mood.. Bunnies, ducks, flowers, and more!

To celebrate this new release, Colorado Craft Company has some amazing give aways... more on that below-- but first, let's take a look at this fun release!

PLEASE NOTE: Stock is limited on this first run! More are on their way, but if you wait to order, you might have to wait a few weeks for them to be back in stock.

Warning: photo overload!  I tried to include some tips and tricks along the way to make it worth your time! So grab a snack and let's dive in!

Let's start with set this release is named after: Bunny Life. This set is big (29 stamps), and perfect for scene building!  To make your life easy, you can also get the coordinating die set.

TIP: If you are using dies to cut out your elements, add your background color to the halo part of the cutout to help it blend in.

Next up is the super sweet Bunny and Duckling. I absolutely love how sweet these two are! 

While I, personally, love the simplicity of a single layer card for these cuties, there is a coordinating die set available.

NOTE: While the bunny and duck sets in this release are all in the same style (sometimes even the same image), the stamps in each are NOT the same size. I love that this gives you options! 

-You could have the larger version on the outside of the card and a smaller version on the inside
-You could combine sets to create perspective (smaller in the distance, bigger in the foreground)
-You could combine sets and use them to create families (adults and children)
-The barn in Bunny Life makes a great chicken coop (or duck house) for the duckling in Bunny and Duckling 
-You can just have fun with the various sizes in your designs! 

Next up, we have Dreams Blossom.... this set has 4 different baskets and 3 different things to put in the baskets (but of course, you can be as creative as you want in what else you put in the baskets!
The duckling in this card wandered in from Bunny Life.

And of course, the coordinating die set.

TIP: If you don't want to color in the WHOLE background, focus some basic colors around your main elements, then either fade the color out to white, or leave rough organic brush stroke edges for a more stylized look. Some splatters can help soften the edges of the color too.

Next up we have Big Brother/Sister, and I love that this set has sibling saying! That in of itself makes it a nice addition to my card making stash! And of course, the coordinating die set.

TIP: Some watercolors are staining colors (once they are on the paper, you won't be able to get it off. This is great if you want to build layers of color without disturbing the layers underneath.  Other colors are non-staining. This means that by using a damp brush and a paper towel to blot, you can remove the paint and get your paper back to (or very close to) the white of the paper.
When adding in your background (like the sky and grass), try to choose colors that are non-staining. This way, if you accidentally get carried away with your sky and it goes over part of your image, you can remove the unwanted blue from your bunny's ear. This makes adding a background much less stressful! 

I've absolutely been loving Lucky Duck...there are 5 little ducks in the set, and they are so cute!
There is also a coordinating die set.

TIP: Creating a simple scene doesn't have to be hard... the cattails here are just brown ovals with a green stalk. That's it. The grass: a swoosh of green with some small spikes on the edge. The water: a swoosh of blue. 
The simplicity of the stamps means the background can be equally simple. 

BONUS TIP: Usually we see line art stamps stamped in black. It gives nice defined details. 
Sometimes we see line art in some sort of very light ink (I use Fadeout by Inkon3). This makes the lines seem to disappear for a no line look, which means all the shape and details come from how you color it.
But you don't have stick to the extremes! If you want a softer look but aren't ready to completely give up the lines, try finding a neutral color in a medium tone (I used Wet Cement by Hero Arts). Different colors (and intensity of color) will give you different looks, and it can be fun to switch things up a bit sometimes!

Moving on to the mini set in the release, Bunny Bushel Mini. Don't underestimate the mini sets... they still pack a punch! And there is a coordinating die set too.

TIP: If you want a colored mat, but don't want to have to worry about trying to match paper to your coloring, you can cut a white mat, then color the edges using one of the colors you used in your image. You only have to color as much of the mat as will be seen when layered.  It will be a perfect match every time! (this works for watercolors, alcohol markers, ink pads... whatever you used to color!)

You have probably spotted the duck and sentiment from Lucky Duck here, but take a look at that background stamp! It's called Spring Background

TIP: You can color in each of the elements, or, if you don't want to do all that coloring, stamp it onto colored paper, or create a simple watercolor ombre over top of a light ink... this gives some texture without pulling too much focus!

Stepping away from the critters and into the garden Daffodil Background is gorgeous!
I couldn't decide what sentiment to put with it, so I decided to not include a sentiment. When I know what I'm using this card for, I can quickly add a sentiment to the front. I like keeping cards like this around for those times when I suddenly find myself in need a card but don't have time to make one.

TIP: One of my favorite paints for painting snow is Daniel Smith's Kyanite, but it is also gorgeous for white flowers! For some reason my camera picks it up as grey, but it does have a definite blue feel in real life, though it is quite muted, making it a great shadow color. Kyanite has a large value range (it can go from really dark to really light). It is non-staining, so if you get carried away, you can bring back the white. It also has a subtle sparkle to it (which is why I like it for snow), but it works for flowers too... have you ever noticed how some white flowers sparkle in the light?

BONUS TIP: You can go amazingly dark in your deepest shadows and still have an object look white. Don't be afraid of contrast! It really makes an image pop!

And last (but not by any means least), Dancing Daffodils. This set includes the two daffodils (separate stamps) and 3 sentiments.  You can also get the coordinating die set.

TIP: This set includes JUST the flowers, but don't let that stop you!  Stems are  EASY to add (they are just a line, and it doesn't have to be perfect!). Add in some simple long wavy leaf like shapes, and you have a bouquet instead of just loose flowers! If you stamped the flowers in black ink, you can outline your stems and leaves to make them match. Don't worry that they aren't as detailed as the flowers... you want the focus to be the flowers... the stems and leaves are just supporting actors, and therefore can be a bit more simplified. 

OK, now if you are having a hard time choosing favorites, no worries! 
You can get the full release bundle (save 10%) HERE

Or, just the STAMPS bundle (save 5%) HERE

Remember, there's only a LIMITED number of bundles available.

Now for the GIVEAWAYS I mentioned...
Giveaway 1:
CCC is giving away one stamp set from this release  per designer. CCC will randomly select the winners from the comments left at their blogs and Instagram posts. Leave a comment, follow, and like!

You can leave a comment here on my blog and/or my Instagram  

Giveaway 2:
 CCC is giving away the entire release to one winner! The winner will be randomly drawn from orders placed that use a designer's affiliate link.  
(just click on any of the links on my blog and shop as usual... affiliate links don't change the price you pay, but it does help the designers like me earn a little money for our work- so thank you so much!! You have no idea how much it means to me!)


Giveaway ends March 10th at midnight (ET) 

Winners will be chosen by Colorado Craft Company and announced on their blog on March 12h

Be sure to check out all the other amazing designers..  I'm always impressed and inspired by these talented artists! (don't forget to leave them comments as well for more chances to win!)
(and check ME out on Instagram too)

Kassi Hulet {you are here}



I'll be back with more soon... see you then! 

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