sticky stuff

Hello everyone.
Today I have a project packed full of shine. *of course my table, floor, hands, and clothes were too..... I tried to clean up... I think there are still sparkles in my carpet...then again, there usually are. =)*
Paper: My Minds Eye, Coredinations, plain white cardstock
Cricut: Lyrical Letters
Ink: Staz-on, Memento
Stamps: Clear Art "Bug's Life", Hero Arts "Silhouette Spray"
Other: Wonder Tape sheet, glitter, Fiskar Edgers

Here is the inside.

So, want to know how I got that fabulously sparkly design for the front of my card? The answer... Wonder Tape! It is a Ranger product, and you can get it in an 8.5 x 11 sheet. How fun is that? Guess what, it gets better.... you can cut this with your Cricut!!!
I used the Deep Blade Housing. Pressure 5, blade depth 6, multi cut 1, and what ever speed the Gypsy felt like cutting it... sorry don't know what speed that is...

You should end up with something like this. Pretty cool, huh.

Next, step... grab your dandelion digger and pull some weeds... Ok, so you don't really go out to your garden, but this step is called weeding.... Basically you are pulling out the negative spaces of your cut.

Remove one side of the tape's backing... On this cut, my red side wanted to come off easier than the white, so that is what I did. It doesn't really matter.... unless it is words, then you would want to peel off the BACK.

Press firmly onto your desired paper.

Now peel of the other backing. I found it helpful to use a craft pick to get off some of the stubborn pieces.

Prepare to get messy!!! Place a scratch paper under your project to collect the extra glitter in so it can be returned to the jar later. Shake your glitter over your entire image.

You can use just your hands for this next step, but I found that to be very messy, and since I like to keep my workspace fairly clean... I place another scratch paper over the pile of glitter that is covering my sticky image. Using a brayer *or I suppose a rolling pin would work... be creative* I pressed the glitter firmly onto the tape.

Now go dig for your project. It should still be under that pile of glitter. *if not, you know some magic trick that I don't* You can remove excess glitter by flicking your project with your finger. Return the extra glitter back to the jar for future use.
And this is what you end up with. A very glittery, yet well defined image. the edges are sharp and clean, and the glitter stays put fairly well.
I have some other ideas for this tape, that I am hoping to experiment with. I'll let you know if any of them work. =)
Have a great day, and get sticky!


Love That Bug said…
I love this and your blog, which I am now following by the way :)
I love the humor you added to the post, I laughed quite a few times.
xosparklesxo said…
Awesome technique! I did a smaller scale version with actual tape, but I want to get my hands on a big sheet and try this now!
Lolliscraps said…
Great card! Gotta love bling!
This is an awesome project. I never heard of this tape before! Wonderful!
Melissa said…
Wow - this is amaing!! I love how your card turned out.
Lori Apgar said…
Great technique!! Love the sparkle!!