paper my way...

Hello all my wonderfully crafty and creative friends!  Are you ready for some fun?

Remember this?

Today we're going to make a fabulous homemade paper... 

(Now, don't go getting scared off before you even finish reading... I promise it isn't hard and won't require a bunch of fancy screens or presses!!!)

This paper is not like regular paper... it is very textured and very durable and can hold it's shape!  It's fun to use as embellishments (like what we're going to do today), accents, or even backgrounds!  

So NOW are you ready for some fun???

You are going to want to have all your supplies for this first part on hand and ready, so go grab....

White tissue paper
Mod Podge (I prefer the matte finish, but glossy does work)
Non-stick craft sheet
Soft paint brush

 Step 1: Tear up your tissue paper.  No need for straight lines or perfect shapes and sizes.... Give in to your inner child and just rip!

(I usually tear of several sheets of tissue paper. It is much better to have too much than not enough. You can always store the extra for another time. Trying to tear tissue paper with sticky fingers just doesn't end well. LOL!)

 Step 2: Use the paint brush to paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto your non-stick craft sheet.

 Step 3: Put some tissue paper down onto the Mod Podge, and brush on more Mod Podge.

Step 4: Continue layering the tissue paper and Mod Podge. Remember to overlap your pieces.
*I know at this point it is not looking so good right now, but stick with me!* 

A few tips...
1. the more wrinkly you let your tissue paper be, the more texture you'll ultimately have. 
2. don't skimp on the Mod Podge! You'll just end up tearing the paper instead of glueing it down.
3. as you build your layers, you can hold the craft sheet up to the light to check for any thin spots.

 Step 5: Once you have a bunch of layers built up, it will look even worse than it did in the last step... Yeah, I know it looks like a gross mess right now, but trust me, it gets better!!!

Now set it aside to dry.

Make sure to wash out your paint brush well, other wise, your brush will be ruined... a little dish soap will help get the Mod Podge out.

*This does take a fair amount of time to dry. It's one of those things you might want to start at night and finish it in the morning.*

Now to make this mess look fabulous!  For this part, you'll need...
Your dry tissue paper creation
Creative Inspirations Paint
Any other colorants you may want to use*

*I like to use spray inks for the basis of my color, then use CI paint to highlight, but you can paint the whole thing if you want. Up to you. =)

 Step 6: When your paper is completely dry, it will easily peel off of your non-stick craft sheet. (that is why it is so important to work on one!!!)

Step 7: Lay down your base color. You can use paint, or inks... I like to use spray inks because it is quick, and the color pools inside the texture.

Step 8: When your base layer of color is dry, use your finger to rub on some Creative Inspirations Paint to highlight the texture.   

Now it's lookin' fabulous, huh!  I LOVE the unique texture and feel of this paper!  And every sheet you make comes out completely unique. 

So, let's make something with it!

 Step 1: Rub down your paper with an anti-static duster. This will ensure that everything is dry and will keep the loose powder from sticking where you don't want it.

Step 2: Using a clear embossing in, stamp your image.  (keep in mind that the paper is VERY textured, so your stamped image will not come out crisp and perfect. Simple stamps work well!)

 Step 3: Cover the stamped image with Black Deliquesce powder.   Remember to shake off the extra onto a piece of paper or coffee filter and return it to the jar... waste not, want not! =)

 Step 4: Heat emboss

Step 5: Cut out the image. You will notice that not only is it flexible, it holds it's shape... see how the wings are curved off the page? They aren't being supported by anything, they just hold their shape! Isn't that awesome????

Have fun with your new paper making skills... 



Sandie Edwards said…
You do some amazing tutorials, and I adore them all..... love the paper, the way you make it, etc, etc.... fantastic!
MD said…
superbe réalisation bravo md