12 hours later...

Hello my fabulous friends!

Yesterday, a wonderful storm knocked out my power. It ended up being a crazy day that involved the garage flooding, an alarm being tripped, and  for you "UP" fans, chasing squirrels.

It is the time of year that my sister requests cards. She goes through a ton of cards during the year (I wish I was as good at giving cards!), so she has me make her a box full for Christmas. I love it!

I had a set of card fronts made and just waiting for the card bases to be cut and folded. That was my first goal yesterday.

Well, I kinda got distracted. 12+ hours later I realized that I had beautifully altered drawers, matching tins for ink pads, and I still hadn't made the card bases. LOL!

I did get the cards done though!

I keep it simple for my sister... 
A tissue paper background colored with Distress ink. Add a stamp, a little machine sewing, and crinkle ribbon.... quick and effective!