bright and happy...

Hello my wonderful friends!

As much as I love the muted colors of icy muted colors of fall, and the icy colors of winter, there is just something fabulously thrilling about the bright colors of spring and summer!  

The Knee Highs collection from Basic Grey is full of bright happy colors... and since they are double sided, the biggest problem seems to be where to start!  

This first card is simple and bold. Building layers is easy when using paper collections since they already match, so it was just a mater of choosing colors and cutting them to size. The huge rose was stamped onto the pink side of the "Tic Tac Toe" paper and cut out. I then adhered it to the card using foam squares for some added dimension. 

Although slightly less bold, this one too has fabulous color!  So happy-making! 

Speaking of making....
Remember those old label makers?  The ones that would emboss the letters into plastic strips when you squeeze the handle?  You can still get them, they just aren't as popular as the fancy digital printer ones... 
Well, dig out that embossing labeler and some printed paper an get ready for some fun!  You are going to want paper that is heavier weight, like card stock, so it can withstand the embossing without ripping. 

Step 1:  Cut your printed paper to the width of your label maker. I'm using the the "Ring Pop" paper from Basic Grey's Knee Highs collection cut to 1/4".

Step 2: Run the paper strip through your label maker just as you would run your normal plastic tape though.

Step 3: Use some sandpaper or an emery board to gently file off the color from the embossed letters. This will allow the white core to show through, making the letters pop!  

You can use it as it is, or if you want a shiny look, cover it with a layer of Ranger's Glossy Accents!