another "proper" outfit

Hello friends! Today has been spent in much experimentation... I am working on putting together some tutorials, so I have spent today playing with certain techniques so I can share them with all of you.
But, never fear! I do actually have a project to share with you! *this wasn't the project I intended on sharing today, but that one never actually got done.... I kinda got side-tracked...*

If you remember a while back, I shared a Cricut cartridge box I had altered. *to see it, click here* Well, I was asked if I make all my boxes that fancy... the answer: NO!!! Some boxes are left plain, some boxes get a much simpler makeover with fabric or paper *on those, I usually don't even bother finishing the edges all nice... call me lazy, but there you go*, and every once in a while, when I am in the mood, I give one a proper outfit.

Today, I was in the mood. I went a lot more casual with this box.

I first covered the box with vinyl. This was an easy way to cover all the edges without getting bulky (which can happen with ribbon).

I hot glued the fabric directly onto the vinyl covered box. I frayed the edges of the fabric for a fun, carefree finished edge. The ribbon was glued to cover where the two fabrics overlap. I tied a little knot in the ribbon to dress it up. I thought about adding buttons or flowers or something, but since I know what I want this box for, I know I want it to store nicely, so I decided to keep it simple.
Here is the inside... *yes, there is a reason I have a million wooden spoons all colored and labeled... but that, dear friends, is for another post*

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Kassi,
    I love it. Can ya be anymore creative? I have a blog award for you on my blog, be sure to swing by and pick it up.

  2. Oh Great idea!!!


  3. This is the cutest box.... Dieing to know what the spoon thing is for though.....


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