recognize me?

Well, you should, if you own a Cricut!
Yup. This fancy dancy box had it's humble beginnings here...
I don't store my cartridges in their boxes, and these boxes are VERY well made and a great size, so I hate to throw them out. Instead, I cover them with fabric and use them to store all sorts of tiny treasures.
I usually start by covering the box with a thin batting (like for quilting), than, using hot glue, attach the fabric. For this one, I finished the edges with ribbon, then glued a red ribbon around it to accent the black and white as well as ensure the box stays closed *although I usually don't go so extravagant... I usually use a small ribbon if I add one at all..* A little bling in strategic places, and it's done.
So, I was having fun with this one *since I was already all fancy with the ribbon and bling...* and decided to paint some of the flowers with Fairy Dust CI paint *this one if fab!!!! it dries clear, leaving you with a layer of shimmery goodness over anything!*
There you have it. A great way to repurpose those cart boxes to match any room or decor!
Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said…
sw this on the board i too have a huge stack of the empty boxes. i have often thought they would look great re-purposed!