Well, my wonderful friends, I'm done. 

I just finished cataloging my stamps. A daunting task, I assure you!

 I have found that with my ever growing collection of stamps, it is hard to remember what I have.  Which stamp sets have birthday greetings?  Which ones have monkeys?  Which ones have background textures? 

So, my solution....

I set up a database for all my stamps in Bento. Yup, I typed them all into my ipad... Not only did I put in the brand and set/stamp names, I also added a column for key words. I've typed in what is on each stamp set so I now have a searchable database of all my stamps!  

So, which ones have birthday greetings?  Well, I have the choice of 13 different sets. Which ones have monkeys? I only have 3 monkeys to choose from. How about the background textures?  Pick any one of 27 sets. 

As I start using it, I may need to add more key words into the sets to narrow down the searches, but it's a starting point.  And it only took me 7+ hours worth of hen pecking my ipad screen. =)