stacked stamping with the MISTI...

Hello my fabulous friends!

I'm here today playing along with another challenge...

One thing I love about their Pin-Sights challenge is that it is very open to interpretation. So many different ways you can find inspiration from their photo collage and run with it!

I loved the light teal and metallic together, so I went with that.

Stamps: Essentials By Ellen Fancy Thanks
Dies: Essentials by Ellen Stitching Lines
Tools: MISTI

Using a MISTI makes repeat stamping to build your own background super easy!

Step 1: Make very light tick marks along the side of your card dividing it up with enough space for your stamp in each segment.... So for the 'thanks' stamp in the Essentials by Ellen Fancy Thanks set, the stamp is about 1 inch high, and my card is 4.25"x 5.5"... so my tick marks are at 0.25", 1.25", 2.25", 3.25", 4.25", and 5.25"  (I used very light pencil marks so I could erase later, however, I added dark lines for the pictures so you can see them.)

Step 2: Mark off one inch on your MISTI grid paper. 

Step 3: Center your 'thanks' stamp in the inch your have marked on your grid paper (marked in purple in the photo) and pick the stamp up with the lid of the MISTI.

Step 4: Line your tick marks up with your marked one inch segment, and stamp your first image. I used Mountain Mist first, then stamped over it again with Sea Glass.. This left me with a light teal color.  As long as your card doesn't move (which is where the magnets, and having it braced against the side of the MISTI comes in), you can stamp over and over and it will stamp in exactly the same place each time. 

Step 5: Shift your card to so the next tick marks are lined up with your marked one inch segment. Stamp your image again. I used Evening Gray for this. As long as you keep the left side of your card always flush against the wall of the MISTI, your images will be perfectly aligned. 

Step 6: Continue shifting your card to stamp in each of the segments. It's ok if the bottom or top edge of your card hangs out of the MISTI, just make sure your left edge is always flush agains the wall.

Step 7: To finish it off, I cut a piece of blue card stock to 1.25"x 5.5", and die cut the basic stitch line along one edge. On top of that is a 1"x 5.5" piece of glimmer paper. 

This is a simple card, that with the help of the MISTI can be easily made in multiples. I love doing card sets with cards like this! 

There's still a few more days to play along with the Pin-Sights Challenge, so join in the fun!




  1. Such a soft and pretty card! Love your cas design and take of the inspiration pictures. Thanks so much for playing along with Essentials by Ellen January Pin-Sights Challenge, hugs, Karin Ã…kesdotter


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