joining the LDRS HSN team!

Hello my fabulous friends!

I've been a little bit busy lately, but I'm super excited for the incredible things that are coming!!!

Mark your calendars for March 25th... I've been asked to join in something super fun... I can't say what, but I *may* have squealed a bit when I was asked... LOL!

The other exciting thing that has been going on behind the scenes is that I was asked to join LDRS Creative's HSN team... So, if you watch HSN, you'll be seeing my projects there!  

I my very first assignment was for the HSN craft show that was a couple days ago.. Here are a couple of the projects I made using the Polkadoodles Create a Scene bundle

I love finding ways to use dies other than what they may have originally been intended for... It makes an already useful tool SO much more useful, and USED!  

Here, I turned the lamppost into a bird house (the doorknob is the door hole), and turned the heart into leaves! To give the leaves a little added dimension, I scored and gently folded them in half to create a center vein.

This is a U-fold card, so it lays flat to mail, but it folds out so it stands up on on it's own... I've never made this style card before, but it was super easy!

Here's another angle, so you can see how it folds out... 

The bricks were made by using one of the rectangle dies to cut egg cartons (you know, those grayish pressed paper cartons the eggs from the store come in). And I used card stock for the knocker so it looks metallic.

Ok.. That's it for me tonight...

Stay tuned though..

I've already been given my next assignment, and I'm LOVING what is coming!