the business of beeswax...

Why is it that all the good LSS go out of business?  I found out last night, that the last LSS that I like that is anywhere near me is closing it's doors.  I went there last night to find beeswax for a project I'm working on. I knew they would have it... Stores like that carry the odd things the chain stores don't. When I got to the parking lot, I saw the big "store closing sale" sign, and my heart sagged. They did have the beeswax I needed, and some great deals on their stuff, but it is hard to get excited about a sale that is so sad. 

Then today, I was on a quest to find more beeswax (as I needed more than the LSS had left). I first checked online to see who *might* have it. I was surprised that most stores I looked at said they don't carry it. I decide to check the actual stores (as I know some of their websites aren't the best indication of what they carry). I checked in the paper craft areas, and I *tried* to check in the candle and soap making areas as that would be a logical place to sell beeswax. I guess candle making has gone out of style here cuz half the stores don't carry the supplies anymore. After trying Joanns, Michaels, and Roberts, I was running out of options within reasonable driving distance, but I didn't want to order online as this was for Christmas presents... yeah, late start, but that is another story.  I finally found some at Hobby Lobby, so I'm a happy camper. I just wish all the LSS were doing well enough to stay around. They carry thing that are very hard to find other places.

Ok, enough of my yakking... Here is a project I was going to post a while ago, but blogger didn't want to load the pictures until today. Go fig.

 Paper: Coredinations,  watercolor paper, white cardstock
Ink: Archival, Distress, Mark-it, Inksenssials Opaque white
Stamps: Great Impressions "Christmas Town"
Creative Inspirations paint: Fairy Dust

I stamped the image with Archival ink onto watercolor paper. I then used Distress inks to watercolor the image in.  I added shadowing to the snow using "Pumice Stone" Distress ink, then covered it with CI "Fairy Dust". I could have used the "Winter Frost" which is a white color, but I wanted to make sure my shadows showed up, and since they were fairly light, I went with the clear "Fairy Dust".

I went around the edges with some brown Distress ink to give it a bit more of a vintage feel, I then doodled in some stitch lines with a Mark-it fine tip. I love those markers!

I'll be sharing some beeswax projects soon, along with some other projects I have been working on but haven't had time to photograph yet...This month is becoming increasingly crazy! 

Ok.. gotta take care of myself now, so I can kick this stupid cold. I hate being sick! Yuck!


Love That Bug said…
I love your card, and the coloring of it is great. Sorry to hear about your sad sale, but atleast you were able to find it.
Hope you feel better soon
~ Kendra ~ said…
Kassi ~

I love this card! It's beautiful!! I hear ya, a few of my fav. LSS have also closed around here. Glad you found what you were looking for.

just2ducky said…
Love the coloring and shading... And the glistening :) Okay, love it all! Hee hee hee!