tis the season...

Hello my fabulous friends!

I must admit, I have always been one who gets annoyed by the fact that Halloween takes over the stores in August, and Christmas appears  mere weeks later. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, I just think they don't need to stretch out months in advance. By time the holiday actually arrives, it has become mundane.


I was recently asked to come up with an idea for Christmas presents for all the children in my ward.
With this year's theme being "Choose the Right", I suggested these glittered covered sand dollar ornaments...

The Presidency loved them, so I now have to MAKE them.  Granted, the Primary here is a lot smaller than the one I used to attend in Utah, and by FAR smaller than my sisters overwhelmingly large one.... It is still a bit of a daunting task to make 60 of these ornaments and cards to go with them.

So, I have to get a good head start on the season!

First up, procure the needed sand dollars...

Since I live within an hour's drive of the ocean, and I never pass an opportunity to visit, I spent yesterday gathering sand dollars and beginning the long process of cleaning them out. It is amazing how much sand is hidden in these little dollars!  Not only is there a lot of sand, it is frustratingly hard to get it all out!  


Next step, getting a large bottle of paint, multiple spools of ribbon, an overwhelmingly large amount of Glossy Accents, and bucket loads of glitter.  I have the feeling I will be cleaning glitter out of my studio for the months after I'm finished. LOL!