Christmas shells...

well... after digging our way out of the 16 inches or so of snow we got Sunday, I'd say it is beginning to look like Christmas. LOL!

So here is a little peek of the Christmas presents I have been working on the past week...
(sorry about the glare. It was too cloudy to take sunlight photos, and the sealant is so shiny that it reflects the light no matter what angle I shoot from... grrr.)

These are real shells that my parents brought back for me from their last visit to the ocean. (about time I got around to using them, huh). I love the natural colors and designs they have.  The stamps used on these three are all by Great Impressions Stamps.

Anyway... since nothing good is on tv right now, I think I'll turn on an audio book and get more crafting done.... 
Have a fabulous night!


  1. Kassi,
    OMG these are fantastic. I love love them. I think you should make these to sell.
    Such a great job!
    Thanks for shraring


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