cracking up...

Hello all my fabulous friends! 

I have recently fallen in love with one of the best painting tools I have ever found... FINGERS.  Remember way back when you were a kid and dipping your fingers in pots of color and spreading it around was considered perfectly normal?  Well,  I don't know why we grow out of it... it is a very effective way of doing things, and it's FUN!

I use my fingers most for antiquing and grunging things up...

So, who's ready to get your fingers messy?

What you need:
Crackle Accents (by Ranger)
contrasting colors of CI paint

 Step 1: paint your paper or chipboard with Creative Inspirations paint using your favorite technique....

*I used Rustic Red, and Silver Frost*

 Step 2: squeeze on some Crackle Accents. 

 Step 3: spread the Crackle Accents with your finger to cover desired area. The thicker you spread it, the larger the cracks, likewise, the thinner the spread the smaller the cracks will be.

(make sure to wash your hands while the Crackle Accents is still wet... it's a pain to get off otherwise!)

 Step 4: As tempting it may be to speed the drying with a heat gun, DON'T.  Set it aside to dry naturally. When it is completely dry, you will see the surface covered with cracks. Very fun!  You can stop here, but for a more dramatic effect, grab a contrasting color (darker works better)

*I'm using Coal*

 Step 5: Once again get those fingers messy and rub the CI paint into the cracks.  Your fingers really work best for this!   The CI paints clean up with a just a little water, so no worries. 

 Ste 6: Use a damp rag to wipe off all the extra paint that isn't in the cracks. 

Isn't that fabulous???  The shimmer of the CI paints gives a fun twist to the grunge look.



Wow, love the effect that give and it does look like fun. TFS