butterfly glass...

Hello my wonderful friends!

I was recently asked to come up with an idea for handmade ornaments to give as Christmas gifts for about 50 kids in my church. Although I am totally not ready to be thinking about Christmas yet, I'm glad they give me so much time! Making that many ornaments and cards along with keeping up with the normal crazinesses of life... Yeah, I really do need to get started!

So, I had an idea, but since the people in charge aren't really "crafty", explaining it is kind of hard. Show and tell is a lot easier when trying to explain and get the ok for budget. So I made up a quick sample. 

I figured I'd share it with you along with the how-to. 


Stamp your image on acetate using StazOn ink. 
This stamp is from Unity's "Dream Big" Itty Bitty set. I love it!

If you want to add some color, flip the acetate over and use an alcohol ink on the BACK side. This is important! If you color on the same side as the StazOn, the alcohol based ink (whichever ones you choose) will react with the StazOn and smear it.  

I used Ranger's Alcohol inks and the fillable pen, but any alcohol based ink should work.

Cut your acetate to fit the size of your Memory Glass. I'm using the 1"x3" 

Spray one side of your acetate with a spray adhesive and cover with metal leafing. I chose silver leafing. I like to crinkle it up a bit before I stick it on. I think it looks better with crinkles than all smooth, but you can do what you want. :)

If you want your finished project to have a front and a back, you will need 2 stamped acetate pieces, but only one needs foil. You just need to layer the other one behind and sandwich them between 2 pieces of Memory Glass. 

At this point, if you want to buy the Memory Frames that Ranger sells, they make it super easy to finish off your project. However, I didn't have any, and I needed this done so I could have something show before I could get the "go-ahead" on the full scale project, so here is option #2 (and actually a lot cheaper if you have to make a lot!!!)

Make a loop out of wire, making sure to leave tails.

Use foil tape to go around the entire piece to seal everything together and attach the loop at the top. 



MariLynn said…
This is beautiful. If I had a vote, you would have my approval to go ahead. The recipients will be blessed with these ornaments. Love how the sparkly foil looks behind the butterflies.
Kris said…
What a great project. Love the foiling on the back.
I LOVE this project! great colors on the butterflies
Amazing ornaments! Just lovely!
Scrappin' Diva said…
Beautiful ornaments! Thanks for the tutorial!
Rachel W K said…
this is beautiful! all the kids will love this
-Rachel w k
Linda said…
your butterflies are so pretty. I just love butterflies!
Ruby said…
Beautiful project. Love the tutorial as well TFS
Gaylynn said…
Fabulous creation. It turned out so pretty. :)
Wow! This is fantastic and a great idea for a Christmas gift!
Kassi, what a beautiful Christmas gift! Thank you for sharing your creation and your technique. I really like the use of the butterflies with the silver foil backing. Your project is stunning. TFS.
Cynthia said…
This is lovely, Kassi!
Julie Odil said…
This is beautiful! I so enjoy your tutorials!
Scrapper Myra said…
This is SO very cool. Love the final result. TFS such a great technique.
Pryn said…
This is stunning!!! Those butterflies are amazing!!!
scrapper al said…
These are beautiful! The foil backing takes these to another level!
Miwa said…
This is truly a stunning project! I love it!
Tameko said…
This is such a beautiful project!
Lee Ann said…
I love this project, I guess one could use the same process to make inspiration tiles? Thank you for sharing :)