ok, we can be friends...

Generally speaking, I'm not a tag person. 

I know, they are the rage, they just aren't my preferred canvas. 

Sometimes though, I have to step out of my comfort zone and do something different to allow myself to grow.  Ok, so I LOVE pushing the boundaries and trying different things!  I find I like some things, and don't like other things. 

And sometimes it pays to go back and revisit something you didn't really like after you have done some growing. 

Unity is having a week long tag a day challenge on FB this week, and since I have some tags just sitting around gathering dust (and probably would forever more--until they TURN to dust), I decided I needed to at least revisit tags once during the week. 

Guess what...

I really don't mind doing tags!

Ok, so they still aren't my favorite-go-to canvas of choice, but I'm no longer going to avoid them. For whatever reason, this time around, tags and me--- well, we made friends. 

I didn't really have any specific technique I was focusing on. Basically, I pulled out my Creative Chemistry 101 (Tim Holtz class) project book and flipped through it. I used some of the ideas from that as a jumping point and made it up as I went. I made the pink one first, then made the blue one so I could take pictures. =)

Stamp a background onto your tag using a waterproof ink. I like to use Archival ink by Ranger. 

Squeezed some Distress Stain onto a nonstick craft sheet. Lightly mist the tag with water (this just helps the stain blend more smoothly on the tag), and drag the tag through the pool of stain. Let it drip around the tag and dry it with a heat gun. 

I dipped and dragged it through the stain another time or two- drying between each layer- until I had the look I wanted

Stamp an image with a clear embossing ink. 

Cover with clear embossing powder and heat with a heat gun.

Swipe over your tag with some Distress paint. I left bits of the edges unpainted for a nice distressed look. You want to make sure your stamped image is covered though. This is what is going to make the clear embossing pop. 

Before the paint dries completely, gently wipe over the tag with a rag to remove the paint from the embossed image. The embossing acts as a resist, and the paint should come right off.

Add ink over your tag. The color will appear different on the paint than it does on the unpainted areas of the tag.

In between colors, you can blend the ink with a rag. Working on the paint is a lot different than working on paper. It is a lot of fun, and the ink really blends beautifully!

this also works the ink into the thinner areas of the paint... it almost gives it a weathered wood kind of look. 

Flick droplets of water on your tag using your fingers and let them dry. 

I like to go around the edges with a darker color... I think it gives it a nice finish and helps bring you eye in towards the center. 

Stamp another image (or in this case a sentiment) in Archival (or StazOn) ink. Either of those inks will stamp over the clear embossing and dry. Other inks are not formulated to be permanent on non-porous surfaces. 

Use a palette knife to smear on some Rock Candy crackle paint. Don't go stingy on this. To get good cracks, you need to put on a good layer of paint. I like to have various thicknesses throughout for visual  interest, so I let it get thin in a few places. 

Set it aside to dry on it's own--- it will crackle best this way. 

I love the layers! And the crackle paint... *sigh*

Anyone else taking Creative Chemistry 102 with Tim Holtz? I'm SO excited! 101 was so much FUN, and I still look at my projects for inspiration.


Supplies Used:
Paper: Tag from Unity
Ink: Distress Stain, Distress ink, VersaMark, Archival Ink
Stamps: Unity "Chicken Wire", "Insightful Meadows" & "Blossom Stackers"
Other: Ranger "Rock Candy Crackle Paint", clear embossing powder, jute, crinkle ribbon


Sue H said…
This is so cool looking!!!! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try it.