bubbled alcohol ink background...

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Today I shared a really fun tutorial on the LDRS Creative blog using Alcohol inks and the new LDRS Creative Snowy White hybrid ink... 
 So on my blog, I wanted to share how I make my alcohol ink background with bubbles... 

Paper: Georgia Pacific; Yupo
Stamps: LDRS Creative Girl Power I, Girl Power II
Ink: LDRS Creative Raven, Snowy White; Copic Various R14, YR02, Y19
Other: rhinestones, isopropyl alcohol 

*isopropyl alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) is often found with first aid supplies... The higher the alcohol content, the better for this... If it is a lower alcohol content, it will cause some of the colors to do weird things...

Step 1: (not pictured since it's hard to photograph clear liquid) Pour either Copic Colorless Blender, or Isopropyl Alcohol onto Yupo paper. I use isopropyl alcohol in a syringe... A little goes a long way, and only put it where you want your alcohol ink to go... (think of it like wetting your paper before painting with watercolors)

Step 2: Add some drops of Alcohol ink. I like Copic Various inks because they have a large color range, and they don't smell as bad as some of the other alcohol inks. I used YR02 and R14.

Step 3: Use canned air or an air brush to move the ink around... This takes some playing to figure out how much air, how far away to hold the air,  and what angle to hold the air for the look you want.... You will never get two pieces exactly the same!

(I use the Copic airbrush without a marker in it, and hooked up to a compressor for this)

You can add in more Isopropyl Alcohol (or Colorless Blender), or drops of alcohol ink as you go...

When you are happy with your background, let it dry.

Now it's time to add the bubbles.... 
I like to use a small embossing stylus.. but you can try other things and see what results you get.

Step 4: In a palette, add a few drops of alcohol ink to each well.. I used the two colors in the background, then I also added in a yellow (Y19)... I also have one well that has isopropyl alcohol in it.

Step 5: Dip your stylus into your alcohol ink, then dot on your background... You can often get several dots made before going back to get more ink... The more ink on the stylus, the bigger the dot.. 

What is happening, is the new alcohol ink you are dotting on, pushes away the ink that is already there, so you end up with your new color inside a ring of darker color. The isopropyl alcohol will leave white bubbles. 

Step 6: Continue adding bubbles until you are happy with how it looks..

You are then ready to stamp over top of it... To see how I did the soft marbled stamped swirls that match my project PERFECTLY, be sure to check out my tutorial on the LDRS Creative blog, and pick up some LDRS Creative Snowy White ink!!!

See you soon!

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