testing hybrid inks for layering

Hello my fabulous friends!

I've never worked with hybrid inks until LDRS sent me theirs to use in the various work I do for them. One of my favorite parts of getting new mediums or tools is experimenting with them... Seeing what they can do... I've been super busy in my studio prepping for some upcoming events, but I took some time to play with the LDRS Creative hybrid inks. Today I wanted to look at multi-step stamping (or layered stamping).. 

Paper: Georgia Pacific; Recollections
Stamps: Essentials by Ellen Thistle, Fancy Thanks

Multi-step stamping has become a popular trend, and one that I love. It makes getting dimension and detail quick and easy with just stamps, and while you can add your own shading on top of the stamped images, you really don't need to. 

So.. How did the LDRS Creative Hybrid inks hold up?  

They layer similar to dye inks... Meaning, if you double stamp (stamp an image and then ink the stamp with the same ink and stamp again in the same place) the color builds up and gets darker. This means you can get darker tones just by stamping more than once!

 It also means that if you miss a spot, and you ink up your stamp again to double stamp, the part you missed will always be lighter then the areas around it because it has less ink layered in that spot.  That is typical of any dye ink.. It is just something to be aware of.  

I like to use a stamp positioning tool like the MISTI or Tim Holtz Stamp Platform whenever I am going to be layering, double stamping, or working with a bold image that potentially could miss stamp if I don't have my pressure completely even... Because of this, if I notice a spot that didn't get stamped, I press down again without inking the stamp and add extra pressure to that spot to transfer the ink on the stamp to the ink on the paper...This usually gives me a solid image without a noticeable shift in color.

In layering colors, again, they perform like a dye ink... Darks layer over lights, but not lights over darks...

All in all, I like stamp layering with hybrid ink.

They won't replace my dye ink collection... 24 hybrid ink colors doesn't come close to matching my dye ink collection.. LOL!  But they will definitely get used!

I've got more techniques for hybrid inks in the works, so stay tuned!

See you soon!

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