feet in the sand....

Happy 24th!
So in the good state of UT, it is actually a holiday worthy of parades, bbqs and fireworks. Fun, huh?

for today, I have a slightly different project to share....
a painted sand dollar!
this natural beauty was found on the beach in Washington state the last time I was there. Man I love that place! Forests, beaches, rain.... but I digress...
I decided to keep it simple and just follow the natural pattern on the shell. I used a toothpick to apply Rustic Red to the petals. I then used a fantastix to paint the center Sunshine. To finish it off, I used a sponge dauber to apply so Sea Foam to the edges.*fitting huh? LOL!* Just look at the shimmer the Creative Inspirations Paints have... even on shell!
This was a very quick project... The thing that took the longest was painting the petals... that's because I'm picky about fussy work.=)
One thing I learned is that because of the nature of this particular kind of shell, the paint gets absorbed as soon as it touches the shell... therefor, it is not forgiving like paper is. A little water will not remove the paint.

well, I hope you enjoyed the little break from the traditional...
Have a wonderful weekend, full of amazing adventures!


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