mirror image stamping...

Hello my fabulous friends!

I don't know about you, but sometimes my creative vision for a project doesn't quite match with the stamps I have...

Like today, I had this idea of having 2 flamingos facing each other, but there is only one flamingo in the Heatwave set.. 

Good thing there is an easy fix!

Paper: Georgia Pacific Cardstock; Yupo
Stamps: LDRS Creative Heatwave, Safari
Ink: LDRS Creative Raven; Copic Mulitliner
Coloring: Copics
Pink- RV11, RV13, RV14, RV17, RV69
Gray- C3, C5, C7, C10
Blue- BG0, BG000
Dies: LDRS Creative Scalloped Rectangle
Other: LDRS Creative Stamping Mask Paper; rhinestones

 In order to achieve my creative vision, I needed to do some mirror image stamping....  

There are multiple ways to go about this... This is the way I find to be the easiest...

For this, you will need a small gel plate and a stamping press like the MISTI.

Stick your gel plate to the lid of stamping press (where you normally put your stamps). This will become your stamp. 

Because mirror image stamping requires you to stamp twice (once onto the 'mirroring surface' and then onto your paper), I like to know EXACTLY where my stamp is going to stamp... To do this, you need to create a reference.  Simply stamp your image onto some clear acetate. (LDRS Creative Hybrid inks work great for this... just be sure to heat set so it won't smear if you rub your finger over it!)

Place your cardstock in the stamping press and close the lid.

Decide where you want your mirrored flamingo to go, and tape your acetate reference image onto the back of the press lid.  (Make sure that you are placing your reference flamingo somewhere on the gel plate!)

Open your stamping press lid again, and ink up your flamingo with LDRS Creative Raven ink, and stamp your flamingo onto the gel plate. Use the reference image as a guide to line your stamp up exactly where it needs to go. 

Tip: When you stamp on your gel plate, don't press down very hard.. The gel has a fair amount of give, so if you press down, your stamped lines will become wide and smudged, and messy.. Just lightly kiss the stamp to the gel surface.

The LDRS Creative hybrid inks stay wet on the non-porous surface of the gel plate, which allows you to get a good mirror image impression.

Close the lid of the press and press down to transfer the ink onto your paper.

Clean your gel plate immediately to avoid staining.

Mirror image impressions are rarely as PERFECT and as dark as the impression you get when you just use your stamp... Going over any light spots with a fine liner is an easy fix. Just be sure that the fine liner you choose is safe for whatever medium you are going to be using to color the image.

Now you can stamp the second flamingo directly with your stamp... and your have 2 flamingos facing each other!

I wanted to keep things REALLY simple, and keep the focus on the flamingos, so for the background, I masked the flamingos and airbrushed in some light blues.

Tip: I love using masking paper when creating scenes or adding backgrounds... However sometimes parts of an image are nearly impossible to mask with paper... Like the legs of these flamingos. For that, I use some masking fluid.  

Here the happy couple is all colored up...

As a final accent, I die cut a heart from the Scalloped Rectangle set out of Yupo and dabbed on layers of color... Because it is a non-porous surface, the more you dab with the alcohol marker, the more texture you get... 

Mirror image stamping is a great way to get even more creative milage out of your stamps!

For addition tips on this project, be sure to visit my post on the LDRS Creative blog.

See you soon!


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