build a dimensional scene...

Hello my fabulous friends!

Creating a scene for your cards doesn't have to be hard, or require fabulous marker skills. The Super Scene die set from LDRS Creative  makes creating scenes easy!

Paper: Neenah Classic Crest Solar White
Stamps:  LDRS Creative Ruby Pretty Cute
Ink: LDRS Creative Swimming Hole, Raven
Coloring: Copic
Grass- YG03, YG95, YG97
White- W0, W3
Yellow- Y17, YR24
Skin- E30, E31, E33, RV42, E04
Hair- E53, E59, E47, E49
Purple- V12, 15, 17, V09
Coral- R02, R05, R08
Dies: LDRS Creative Super Scenes, Woodland Foliage Frames

Let's take a look at how this dimensional scene was made... 

Let's start by making a stencil... Die cut the cloud border from Super Scenes out of card stock. 

To make our cloud background, lay your stencil on your base panel, and sponge ink over the edge. Start on the mask and brush the ink off the edge using a sweeping motion. Once you have gone across your whole stencil, you can move it down to create the next row of clouds. Start at the top of your panel, and work your way down. You can flip your stencil over and use the reverse side as well to give more variety to your clouds

To create the telescoping dimension, cut 2 more panels the same size as your card front. From the center of one, die cut the larges oval from Woodland Foliage Frames, and from the second one die cut the smaller oval from the same set.

Sponge clouds onto both window panels using the same technique we used on the base panel.

Next we are going to cut some grass... I think I used about 15 grass pieces. 

TIP: For added dimension and texture, cut your grass out of white cardstock, and color it with several shade of marker using a flicking motion. Start at the base of the grass and flick up towards the  tips. When I do this, I like to stick a strip of low tack tape on my desk sticky side up (you can tape down the ends so it stays put). This gives you a place to stick your die cuts while coloring them. It makes things a lot easier!

Here's how I colored the grass.

It's time to start assembling! 

We are going to start in the back and work our way forward... So stack up all your panels, and glue your first grass piece onto the base panel so it is just poking up above the edge of the first window.

Next we can add grass to that first widow panel (the smaller oval). Use the other window panel to figure out how much grass is needed. Feel free to cut pieces of grass to a smaller size if needed.

On our final layer, fill the bottom with layers of grass. I used 5 rows of grass just on this panel. I also tucked a fence in on both sides between the second and third row of grass (so there is grass in front of, and behind the fence. 

To assemble, stack all your panels together using foam tape. This will give a bit of depth between each layer, and add to the dimension!

Decorate as desired! Ruby fits PERFECTLY in this little scene!!!

She is all dressed up and ready for spring!

The finished dimension on this card is incredible!!! 

I'll be back soon with more fun projects!

See you soon!

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