painted lace...

My dear sister was visiting my studio not too long ago... She saw a project in the works and wanted to know how I did one of the elements... so this is for you sweetie! 

*Honestly, I'm surprised my BIL still lets my sister talk to me... every time she comes to my house, she leaves with a long list of scrapbook supplies she wants... LOL*

(those who visit the CI blog on Saturdays will recognize the tutorial, but it is a fun and diverse enough technique that it's worth sharing here too.)

Here is what you need:
Creative Inspirations Paint
*Die cuts or card stock
Paint brushes
Masking tape

*You can use this as a textured background by using a plain sheet of card behind the lace, or you can cover die cuts, chipboard shapes, or grunge board shapes.

 Step 1: Using tape, stretch the lace tight over the die cuts or background card stock.

 Step 2: Paint on Gesso. Make sure to get good coverage as this will act as the glue.

Step 3: Allow to air dry. (air drying is important because lace will melt and/burn with the heat from a heat gun.)

 Step 4: Repeat step 2-3 until desired look is achieved. Make sure you apply Gesso off the edges of your pieces also to keep the lace from unraveling later.

 Step 5: Using a small paint brush, paint over the lace pattern with desired color of Creative Inspirations Paint.

 Step 6: Allow this to air dry as well.

 Step 7: Trim off excess lace.

Just look at that great texture!

And here is the finished product!