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Hello my fabulously wonderful friends!

Have you ever opened a card and found more glitter sitting in the bottom of the envelope than is left on the card?  Or how about those scrapbook pages that when you look back at them, you find a mess of glitter covering the inside of the sheet protector... 

Yeah. I hate that!

For a long time that really turned me off to glitter. I just couldn't stand the mess!

Well, today I want to share with you some tips for using Creative Inspiration's Resplendence glitter.

Here is my super (not so secret) tool...

This, my friends, is a heat activated sticky embossing powder. A mouthful to say, but a fabulous thing to have!  This amazingly genius powder has been around for quite some time, although it doesn't seem to be widely known.  There are several companies that make a similar powder, this is just what I found at a local big box store.  

Allow me to give you a guided tour...

 First off, we start like any other embossing powder... ink up your stamp with a clear embossing ink.

 Next, stamp your image... not so hard, right?

 Continuing on in our typical embossing process, cover your stamped image with the heat activated sticky powder.

 Gently tap (don't flick) off the excess powder and return it to the jar. No waste. 
If you need to, use a fine tipped paint brush to remove any stray powder bits. Perfect!

 Ok, here's where we jump off the normal train. 

Gently heat the image from the UNDER side. Only heat until the powder turns shiny. Don't over-heat, or it won't work.

Cover the image with CI Resplendence...

Once again, heat the UNDER side briefly to set.

Once the paper has cooled, shake off the excess glitter. I like to shake it off into a coffee filter, and return it to the jar from there. Seems to be less messy.

Use a stiff paintbrush or your finger to brush off more of the extra glitter.

You may find that the stray glitter pieces are rather stubborn. If that is the case, you can use masking tape or a lint roller to clean up the image. This is how you really know the sticky powder works. I mean, if you can run a lint roller over it and the glitter stay put, it won't be going anywhere soon!

Now you have a beautiful sparkly stamped image!

But Kassi, you may say, what if none of the Resplendence colors match my project?
Never fear ye who are color OCD! I've got you covered! (after all, I'm a little OCD myself)

May I introduce you to my personal favorite Resplendence color...

Angel Dust

This is a beautiful clear iridescent fine glitter. LOVE IT!

Now, you may be asking, how does that help me?

Allow me to explain...

 Instead of using a clear embossing ink, use a pigment ink in the color of your choice to ink up your stamp. It does need to be a PIGMENT ink as only that kind of ink will stay wet and sticky long enough to hold the powder.

 Follow all the steps as before...

*sigh* Pretty, isn't it.

Here's another fabulous pigment ink idea...
Try using more than one color on the stamp!

(look familiar?)



S`andra V. said…
Thanks for sharing the tips. I have glitter that I have never used due to the mess left behind. I did happen upon the Glitter Glitz Gel by Close To MY Heart that is wonderful too. Never rubs off and is better than the stickles too. I can glide the bottle so easily. Beautiful work by the way.
Happily Scrapbooking My & Crafting My Memories~Sandra V.