Yes, you are still at Kassi Creations... I just did a makeover!!!!

How do you like it?

The real story behind this change is kind of a complex, overwhelming, (and perhaps crazy) idea that my brother and I are working on.  Anyway, he wanted me to play around in Photoshop with my name to generate some ideas. So, play around I did. (I also found out that something is wrong with my computer... it kept freezing. I'm having my local computer geek look at it tonight. Thanks dad!)


Here's the photo I based my color scheme on...

I adore this photo! It just makes me happy!!! I wish I could say I took this photo while scuba diving in the Caribbean, but alas, I'm not that lucky. I am however lucky enough to live close enough to a fabulous zoo/aquarium that I can shoot photos of animals I would otherwise never see.

Well, it is super early in the morning where I am, and my room has cooled off to the point that sleep might just be possible. Some days I wish I had AC!

First though, I think I'll try to rid my room of the huge bug that just landed on the wall by me. UGG!