a lot of colors...

So on Friday, I got a package in the mail... I pre-ordered the 12 new Tim Holtz Distress ink pads and reinkers, and they have finally arrived! I feel like I have waited forever for them, and I am not disappointed! These colors are fabulous! *little side story... I had all my TH inks spread out on a table in my scraproom, and my Dad walked in... He kinda stared for a minute at all the inks, than said "you have a lot of colors..." I laughed and said "yeah, and that is only one brand of ink." =)*

I haven't played around with the new colors as much as I have wanted to, but here is a quick look at all the colors together so you can get an idea of what the new ones look like compared to the old ones. *however, computer pictures never really do color justice.... you need to see them in person!*
I know, it is hard to read the names in the photo... The ones with "*" are the new colors.

I am so excited to play around with them more!!!

Today, however, I spent a lot of quality time outside doing yard work. It felt WONDERFUL! The sun was shining, it was a nice temp for working, and plants are starting to grow again. My pond is clean, running, and a lot of the plants that I left to winter over, have started growing again. *the mint has totally taken over the pond!!!* And my fish are happily eating worms that I throw in. *by fall of last year, they would come to the surface when they heard me outside, and eat from my hand, but I guess they have forgotten me over the winter, so I just chuck the worm into them for now.=(*
More projects are coming, but I HAD to enjoy the good weather while it lasts as snow is in the forecast for later this week.
Have a fabulous day everyone, and do something that makes you smile!!