I'll be honest... the last week or so, I have been in a creative "writers block".  I've felt like every time I sit down in my studio I end up staring off into space with no inspiration, or giving up and playing on the computer. Highly un-productive. It's been SO frustrating!  

I am happy to say that this morning, I seem to have had a break through!  Apparently all it take is meds and caffeine (for the migraine), left-over cherry pie (for the meds), and staying up until after 3 am (because of the meds).  =)

I don't have a finished project to share today, but I thought I would give you a backstage glimpse into my creative process...

 First up we have the "if at first you don't succeed, rework it!" part.  I had die cut a crown for this LO, but I ended up not liking the colors.  Instead of just cutting it out with different paper, I decided to paint one of the colors (after I had glued the pieces together...). Yeah... didn't work so well. Let's just say I'm a kinda sloppy painter....   So, again, instead of just cutting a new one... I decided to scrap the whole "die cut" idea, and instead turn the negative cuts from the crown into a mask and just paint the thing on!

It actually worked out well... I ended up doing a coat of white acrylic, then dry brushing glue on and sprinkling the thing with glitter.  I like it. 

The next thing you will notice when in my studio, is that I am a total "improv artist" as they say in theatre.  I am horrible at pre-planning a LO. I have good intentions... I select the papers and embellies I want to use, and I sometimes even have a general idea of how I want it to look. However, when it comes time to making the LO, I usually end up ditching most (if not all) of my "pre-planned" ideas and doing something else on the fly. I just try different things until I like the basics, then I embellish as needed. 

Because of this "improv" system, I end up changing my mind a lot. (and a lot of times it is AFTER I've glued things down...)  So, you may notice masking is my friend!

Next up... I like details. These "details" often include an amazing amount of time. However, at 2:30 am, one's brain can start thinking that crazy, time consuming ideas are exactly what the project needs. Hence me punching TONS of tiny circles out of red liner tape to make random foiled polka dots. (why I couldn't just find a foiled paper, use embossing powder and stamps, or wait until tomorrow and go buy glue dots like any normal person, I have no idea. But, there you go.)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this crazy backstage glimpse. I probably should go to bed now. =)


 (and, just in case you are wondering....yes, I talk to in-adament objects while crafting, but I hear you don't need to worry until they talk back...)