until you try...

"ewwww! I won't eat that!"
"Why not?"
"Because I don't like it."
"How do you know you don't like it? You've never tried it."
"I just don't like it!"
"You won't know until you try."
"Just a bite... Just try one little bite."
"Eat it, or no dessert."

Most people have either been on the giving end, or the receiving end (or both) of a similar conversation.

I suppose you could say that I gave that similar lecture to myself recently.  I have claimed for years that I would NEVER go to digital scrapbooking. I love the tactile-ness, textures, and depth of creating with my hands and physical objects.

With how big digital scrapbooking has become, I became curious... Why do so many people love it so much?  I know it saves on space, and probably money, but for so many people to be so in love with it, there must be something more... So I decided to try it.

As this was just a curiosity, I didn't spend money on it. I worked in Photoshop, and downloaded free digi papers.  Here's my first attempt...

To say I was frustrated with the process was nothing to the disappointment of what it looked like printed.  It took me 20 minutes just to get the ripped paper look when I could have ripped paper in 2 seconds.  And I hated how flat it was when printed....

Trying to be fair though, I admitted that as a first attempt, I really wasn't prepared. So I did a little more research, and downloaded a ton of free digital brushes, and tried again...

Although I like this one much better, and the process of creating the desired effects was much easier, I still dislike the lack of true dimension.

So, although I can see that digital scrapbooking has it's place, I can now say that I have tried it, and still don't think it's for me.


digital elements include free designs from Cottage Arts, Michelle Coleman, KevinandAmanda, Jaelop Designs, Shabby Princess Designs, Fbrushes.com


Shelly Schmidt said…
I have not tried this either- how do you print the pages out??? Your pages- although flat- are great!
Anonymous said…
Your pages are beautiful. Great job and that's awesome that you gave it a try. xoxo