covered in fabric...

Recently I was asked how I make my fabric covers for my mini albums, so I thought I'd put together a tutorial for all those who are curious. =)

 What you need: Mod Podge (I prefer Matte finish, but Glossy works too), sponge brush, and fabric. To get an idea of how much fabric you need, wrap it loosely around your mini album then add a few inches... it doesn't hurt to have extra fabric, but it's bad not to have enough! 

*I have always used regular cotton fabric, so I'm not sure how well this works with other kinds of fabrics.*

 Step 1: Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back side of your fabric.

Step 2: Allow at least 20 minutes to dry. (it may take longer if you are in a humid climate... just let it dry completely.)

 Step 3: Flip your fabric over and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the front of your fabric.

Step 4: Allow at least 20 minutes drying time (or how ever long it takes to dry completely.)

Step 5: Repeat steps 2&3 until you have 5-6 layers on the front of your fabric. The back side only needs the one layer. 

*If you want some shimmer, you can mix in some Perfect Pearls or Pearl Ex powders to your last layer of Mod Podge*

Step 6: If you want a smooth finish, use a sanding block to gently sand your Mod Podged fabric. (you only need to sand the front side)

Step 7: Use a damp clot the wipe your fabric. This removes any dust particles from the sanding.

 Step 8: Use a strong adhesive to attach your fabric to the covers of your mini album. I use red liner tape around the outside edges, then my ATG gun to fill in between the red tape.

Step 9: Trim off the excess fabric. 

Although it takes time to do, it really is simple, and well worth the effort!



tamror said…
Thank you so much Kassi. I have a couple albums downstairs and will try this.