flowers for dead guy...

Hello my wonderfully fabulous friends!

I'm looking out my studio window at golden yellow and orange leaves, and feeling super excited for Halloween!  

Don't ask me why, it just kinda hit, and I'm going with it... that's just the way I roll. :)

So, how about a tutorial today just cuz I'm in a  crazy-energetic-celebrate kinda mood?

(and I really like sharing the how-to not just the ta-da!)

Step 1: Use temporary adhesive to tape down a mask to your paper and use an ink blending tool to cover your paper with ink.

*I like using Tim Holtz tissue tape... It never rips my paper when I peel it off, but there are lots of options- find what works for you*

**I made my own mask by cutting an image out of acetate with my Silhouette. LOVE**

Step 2: Leaving your mask in place, stamp around the image with a background stamp. I like to use the stamp unmounted so I can use parts and pieces of the stamp and put more or less pressure in various places for a faded look... it also helps get in the smaller areas of the stencil.

Step 3: If you have areas you want to stamp differently (like I did outside the frame) simply use scrap paper to mask off the areas you don't want stamped, and keep stamping.

Step 4: With the mask STILL in place (see why I wanted you to temporarily tape it down!), cover the whole thing with a clear embossing ink

Step 5: Remove the mask, and cover with clear embossing powder. (you may need to use a dry paint brush to brush off powder that wants to stick where you had your tape.)

Step 6: Heat your embossing powder. Now all your inking and stamping up to this point are safe and sealed beneath your embossing. YAY!

Step 7: Add some color to the area that was masked with your ink blending tool. Any ink you get on the embossed area should wipe off with a little water, so don't worry about staying in the lines. If you are using Distress Ink, you can flick a little water on it for some fabulous splotchy effects.

Step 8: Line up your mask again and tape it down. Use your ink blending tool to pounce on some acrylic paint around the edges of your piece.

Step 9: Remove the mask. Before the paint dries completely, use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe off the paint. This will remove almost all the paint.

What you will be left with is paint caught in the texture of the embossing powder... Super awesome! Also, because the paint wasn't quite dry (this will very greatly on how wet the paint is when you do wipe) it blends onto the masked area for a slightly softer look.

Step 10: Using a permanent in such as Ranger's Archival ink or StazOn ink, stamp over the piece with a focal stamp (in this case a bunch of flowers). You have to use an ink that will be permanent on non-porous surfaces so that it will dry on the embossing powder, and stay at the for-front of the card. 

*For my flowers, I stamped the image multiple times without re-inking in between (aka: generation stamping). This gives the appearance of depth without having to use multiple colors of ink. *

**I love stamping on top of clear embossed area... such great layering options!**

And the final masterpiece!


Supplies Used:
Paper: white card stock
Ink: Distress Ink, VersaMark, Archival
Stamps: Unity "Vintage Handwritten", "Chicken Wire", "Insightful Meadows"
Silhouette: Halloween Skeleton Profile Frame
Other: Distress Paint, clear embossing powder


:: Lindy :: said…
This is so cool! I'm going to get that Silhouette shape!
Dawn Fields said…
This card is amazing; very unique!
Kris said…
Love this card...great tutorial.
Rachel W K said…
this is so great! love seeing your process!
-Rachel w k
Angeline Choo said…
What an interesting card!!
Kris B said…
What a great card for Halloween! Thanks for the great tutorial!
Marilyn Nimmo said…
WOW---SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Definitely trying this out!
Laura Turcotte said…
Now that is an awesome card!
Crystal said…
This is amazing! Love your card and thanks for the great tutorial!
WOW! Nice tutorial. Thank you for sharing! And you rocked your card. I love all the images on the card and the depth that each new inked layer brings.
Julie Odil said…
Love the process, Kassi. Thanks for sharing!
JPScraps said…
This is AMAZING! I love it! Thanks for the step by step.
Scrapper Myra said…
Love your card design. Clever indeed. And on a separate note, wish I could have your view for a while. Everything is always green in the carbbean. Beautiful of course, but I could use a little colder weather.
Tracy said…
oh my giddy aunt this is truly stunning!!!!!!