LDRS masks and inks...

Hello my fabulous friends!

Today is a busy day... If you are looking for the Polkadoodles post, click HERE... 

If you are looking for the Motion Crafts winner announcement, it will be posted later today. 

If you are looking for a bit of magic and masking and inky tips with LDRS Creative, you are in the right place! 

On the LDRS Creative blog, I shared a basics in masking... You can check it out HERE

Paper: DCWV, Neenah Classic Crest, Georgia Pacific
Stamps: LDRS Creative Puppy Love, Monster Mash
Ink: LDRS Creative Hybrids Raven, Olive Branch, Dark Wash Jeans;
 Copic B12, W4, W3, W0, W00, N8, N6, N4, R00, E04, YG01, YG23, YG17, E29, E25, E53, E19, R29, multiliner; Uni-ball Signo
Dies: LDRS Creative Jubilee Magical Slider
Other: LDRS Creative Stamping Mask Paper

I absolutely LOVE this new Magical Slider die set!! It makes magic sliders SO simple! 

Angie made a video HERE so you can see exactly how all the pieces work together... (the kit she shows is the HSN Exclusive which has a bunch of extras.. however, the basic pieces and the how-to are exactly the same)

I used the new Stamp Masking paper to create a mask so I could airbrush some color behind my puppy.  I save my masks by sticking them to the back of the stamp carrier sheet so they are ready next time I pull out this set. 

*Note: While I do get many products from companies for free, I try to be honest on my blog about those products.. 

On that note, this masking paper is hard to get off the backing sheet!!! A craft knife helps a LOT. Once you get used to where the knife needs to slide into the layers to pull it apart in the right place, it isn't bad, but getting it started can be tough.  On the other hand, I really liked that this was a slightly thicker masking paper than I usually use... I've been playing with my Copic Airbrush and this masking paper, and I like that the tiny edges seem to stay down a lot better than my super thin masking papers or post-it notes masks. And when I used it repeatedly to stamp a whole wreath of overlapping flowers, the ink never bled through the mask (as I've had happen with thin masks). 
So while it may be a bit frustrating to get off the backing sheet, overall, I'm quite happy with it, and definitely continue using it! I'm excited to continue experimenting it! 

Speaking of experimenting... Let's talk inks... 

The new LDRS Hybrid inks to be more specific.

These inks are brand new from Creativation, and come in GORGEOUS colors! There are currently 24 colors, a white, and a clear watermark.  

Here's what I love SO FAR (I'm still playing!): 

-They stamp well with both rubber an clear stamps... No beading up on the surface that I have seen so far!
-They stamp crisp lines and handle details great!
-The black stamps dark the FIRST impression.. instead of having to stamp multiple times to build up the color! YAY!!!!
-They can be applied and blended with an ink blending tool
-They work great for watercolors!

So, I was really loving the ink... and since it was supposed to be Copic (or alcohol marker ) safe I was REALLY excited.... Then this happened...

NOOOOO!!!! Look at those smeared lines!!!!

Now before you jump to any conclusions, let me say, I've had the EXACT same problem with Altenew's alcohol safe black ink. 

I wondered if I was doing something wrong....

So I contacted Angie (the owner of LDRS Creative).... After some trouble shooting, I learned two very important things I want to share with you...

1. This ink needs to dry.. COMPLETELY.  If you are impatient and you have a nice new juicy pad, go ahead and heat set it... 
2. This ink, when mixed with Copics, HATES Georgia Pacific paper. 

Ok... Huh? 

While everything I've read and watched online says you should use Xpress Blending Card, or Neenah Classic Crest papers for Copics, I have started out on Georgia Pacific because it was super cheap at big "W" store, and I didn't want to buy expensive paper to learn on.... 

*kicking myself*

I know better....
While I was getting good results with my personal way of coloring, I struggled when I tried to lay down colors in a different way or follow certain people's tutorials.. I knew the paper was the problem there, but I wanted to buy stamps, and dies, and... and... and.. So I continued to skimp on my paper.

When I was struggling with the Hybrid inks, Angie wondered if perhaps the paper is the problem. So I got online and ordered some Neenah. 

Quality of art supplies can make a HUGE difference....

Guess I'm a Neenah girl now.  LOL!

So, I'm happy to report that you can indeed use Copics with this ink!!! YAY!!!

If you are having trouble with your lines smearing when using the LDRS Creative Inks, try heat setting, or try changing your paper. 

(that cute little girl I was testing papers with is Mini Winnie Boutique)

Hope this helps!