shell ornaments...

Deck the halls with trees of sea shells....

December is almost here... with it brings Christmas music, family traditions, and Christmas trees. I love seeing graceful trees full of tiny twinkling lights and beautiful ornaments!  I am excited to say, that I spent some time last night to put up a tree in my apartment and fill it full of white lights (I'm a bit of an old style girl... I love plain white lights!).   I plan on covering my tree with only shells and silver bells. I also made another batch of shell ornaments, so I also spent time last night making another batch of shells so I will have enough.

I shared a finished ornament a few days ago, but I wanted to share exactly how I make them today.
Step 1: Using pliers, twist a length of wire into a small circle with a twisted stem, as seen above.

Step 2: Attach your wire circle to your shell using hot glue.  This creates the place for you to add your hook, so it will be the top of the ornament.

 Step 3: Mix 2 parts Mod Podge to 1 part water. I use an old embossing powder jar so I can make a large pot and save it for the next time.

 Step 4: Using a soft bristle paint brush, apply a thin layer of glue mixture to the shell. If you want the natural color of the shell to show through, make sure there are no puddles of glue as that will make the glitter too thick.  Just keep it thin.

 Step 5: Cover your shell with glitter. Because we have already attached the metal ring, you have a perfect little hand hold. (when shaking excess glitter off your shell, make sure to shack it OUT of the shell too!)

 Step 6: Allow your shells to dry completely. 

Step 7: While your shells are drying, tie a bunch of bows. Because I have a bunch of different size shells, I have tied bows with a couple sizes of ribbon as well as simple string. 

Step 8: When your bows are made and your shells are dry, use hot glue to attach your bow(s) to cover any exposed glue where the metal circle is attached. I also like to glue little pearls or rhinestones to the centers of the bows for the finishing touch.

I would show you my tree all covered with shells, but I have yet to find my hooks, so my tree is still shell-less. =(   I may just have to go to the store and buy new ones... 



  1. Kassi These came out beautiful. Love the look.
    DIANA L.


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