B2B: shimmer my powders...

Hello all!
As promised, I have come with a tutorial!
This B2B is all about making plain embossing powder shimmer in your choice of colors...

You will need:
Embossing powder
Pearl Ex (or Perfect Pearls)
A container to mix in
A popsicle stick

Put some clear embossing powder into a small container. (How much you put in depends on how much you want to make... I'm really exact here. LOL!)

Using a popsicle stick (or other scooping instrument) scoop out a small amount of Pearl Ex. Again, the amount will vary depending on how dark a color you want and how much you are making.

mix well.

You will end up with something that looks like punch mix. (don't eat it!!! It wouldn't make a good drink.)

Use as you would any other embossing powder.

Try mixing Pearl Ex with different base color embossing powders. They each will add their own spin to the look. Below is a sample of the same Pearl Ex color in black, clear, and white embossing powders.

And when they catch the light, they all shine!

For those of you not familiar with Pearl Ex, it is a pearly pigment powder similar to Ranger's "Perfect Pearls" . The biggest difference between the two is that Perfect Pearls has a built in binder, so a little water will permanently set it. Pearl Ex needs to have a binder added in.... In this case, the embossing powder acts as the binder. You can use Perfect Pearls for this technique as well... I just happen to have more colors of Pearl Ex, so I tend to use those to mix with embossing powders.

Hope you enjoy!